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Safety NetWorks and Numbered Memos

Safety NetWorks
Numbered Memos

The Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Systems memos are distributed electronically via a Listserv. The Listserv is free, but does require an active e-mail address. The memos are posted in .pdf format.

Subscribe to the Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Systems memo notification list. You will receive a notice each time a new memo is released, which will include a link to the online version of the memo.

Administrative Code Revisions

Distribution Date Subject
January, 2011 On June 1, 2010, significant changes to Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. DHS 85,, took effect establishing standards for the approval of non-profit corporate guardians or unincorporated associations suitable to perform the duties of guardian of a person, or of an estate, or both.
February, 2009 DHS 10 amendment relating to disability benefits specialists reporting abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.  To view the entire revised rule, DHS 10.



Distribution Date Subject
February 2014 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 16 (PDF, 52 KB) Guidance to County Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk (EA/AAR) agencies regarding Form GN-4000. Statement of Emergency Protective Placement.
April, 2012 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 15 (PDF, 50 KB) Guidance to County Adult Protective Services (APS)/Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk (EA/AAR) agencies when establishing fee schedules for APS services.
June, 2011 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 14 (PDF, 31 KB) Guidance for County Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk (EA/AAR) agencies in responding to Misconduct Incident Reports sent by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services/Division of Quality Assurance (DQA)/Office of Caregiver Quality (OCQ).
April, 2010 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 13 (PDF, 27 KB)
The guiding principles set forth by the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) may be used as a guide for staff or a helpful training tool for partners.  The NAPSA web site may provide other useful webcasts and publications.
February, 2010 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 12 (PDF, 42 KB)
Disability benefit specialists as permissive reporters making reports of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation to elder adults/adults-at-risk agencies.
November, 2009 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 11 (Word, 799 KB)
Attached are several documents that will be helpful to Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk/Adult Protective Services (EA/AAR/APS) agencies in developing required memorandums of understanding (MOUs) and other templates.
February, 2009 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 10 (PDF, 136 KB)
Individuals who do not work in the Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk agency will have clients they suspect are adults at risk. When should you report abuse, neglect or financial exploitation to the county elder adults/ adults-at-risk/adult protective services agency?
February, 2009 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 9 (PDF, 226 KB)
Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Process Flow Chart
October, 2008 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 8 (PDF, 66 KB)
Adults-at-Risk staff guidance for responding to reports of unreasonable confinement or restraint
September, 2008 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 7 (PDF, 40 KB)
Justification for maintaining Adult Protective Services, Elder Adults-at-Risk and Adults-at-Risk agencies and functions in the public sector (county government).
July, 2008 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 6 (PDF, 49 KB)
The Approach of County Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk (EA/AAR) Agencies in Responding to Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation: The Social Work Philosophy/Model
July, 2008 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 5  (PDF, 129 KB)
A guide to help financial institutions and elder adults/ adults-at-risk workers understand their rights, roles and responsibilities in responding to financial exploitation.  Includes a sample word fillable MOU between county and financial institution and word fillable request forms
June, 2008 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 4  (PDF, 46 KB)
One page summary of information to help professionals understand their role in recognizing and reporting abuse.  Document can be labeled with county agency information or use this Word fillable form.
October, 2007 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 3  (PDF, 59 KB)
Release or exchange of Confidential Treatment Information (CTI), Protected Health Information (PHI), and Reports and Records of Abuse, Neglect, Self-Neglect, Financial Exploitation of Adults at Risk, including Elder Adults (AAR).  For more information, see Attachment 1: Related Statutes and Regulations.
September, 2007 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 2  (PDF, 59 KB)
Limited Required Reporters - Best Practice Recommendations for Professionals and County Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk Agencies
June, 2007 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 1  (PDF, 59 KB)
Photographing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation - Best Practice Recommendations for County Elder-Adult/Adult-at-Risk Agencies
March, 2007 New Annual Review (Watts) Requirement per Wis. Stats. 55.18(4)  (PDF, 39 KB)
Wisconsin State statute 55.18 (4) requires that counties have written procedures for conducting annual (Watts) reviews for persons subject to orders for protective placement under the new Wis. Stats. 55.12 or orders for protective placement initially issued under the old Wis. Stats. 55.06 (9) (a), Stats. 2003. The deadline for establishing these written procedures is April 30, 2007.


Division Numbered and Informational Memos

Distribution Date Subject
November, 2011 DLTC Memo Series 2011-07 Elder Abuse Direct Service Funds for Calendar Year 2012
November, 2011 DLTC Numbered Memo 2011-06
DMHSAS Numbered Memo 2011-09 

Policy and Procedure for Assignment of Responsibility with Regard to Residency for People Participating in Adult Long Term Care Programs in Wisconsin.
August, 2007 DLTC/DMHSAS Numbered Memo 2007-15
Protective Placements - Requirements of 55.14(11), Stats
January, 2007 DDES Numbered Memo 2007-01
Residency Determinations Pursuant to s. 51.40, Stats. and Administrative Determinations


Last Revised:  April 23, 2014