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Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Expansion - Providing in a Regional Service System

The 2013-2015 state biennial budget includes a provision to allow CCS to be provided in regional service systems. Counties and Tribes that develop approved regional models for CCS are eligible to have the non-federal share of Medicaid costs provided by the Department of Health Services (DHS). 

The following information includes the process for Counties and Tribes to provide CCS services on a regional basis:


  1. Submit the form Request for Approval CCS Regional Service Model, F-00944 (Word, 59KB) to DHS for an approved CCS regional service design.
  2. Engage in training and technical assistance with DHS. Counties and Tribes are expected to receive training and technical assistance from DHS in advance of submitting a CCS certification application to the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). This step is designed to assure applications for CCS certification are likely to be approved. Technical assistance is also expected during the process of Medicaid enrollment and fiscal rate setting and reporting.
  3. Complete and submit a DQA application for CCS certification. Email to request application materials. For assistance, contact Cindy Lindgren, Behavioral Health Certification Section, (608) 261-0657.
  4. Upon DQA certification, Counties and Tribes will enroll as a CCS Medicaid provider through the ForwardHealth portal.
  5. Following enrollment in Medicaid as a CCS provider, Counties and Tribes work with DHS for rate setting and upon approval of rates may begin to provide CCS services in their regional model.


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Last Revised: April 17, 2014