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Monitoring Organizational Performance

(Previously published in the Financial Management Manual, Item #D-3)

Whenever one organization contracts with another organization to provide program services, the organization providing the funding assumes some responsibility for assuring that the funds are being managed efficiently and effectively to accomplish the objectives for which funds were provided.

There are several mechanisms that can be used for monitoring performance. Some of these mechanisms include: (a) reviewing and approving program planning documents, (b) reviewing and approving operating budgets for the programs, (c) reviewing and approving expenditure reports for the program, (d) reviewing any reports of program accomplishments or other indicator data on the programs, (e) requiring, reviewing, and resolving audits of the program, and (f) performing on-site visits.

From time to time, in fulfilling its management monitoring responsibilities for subrecipient organizations funded through this department, DHSS staff have conducted on-site visits for the purpose of obtaining a brief assessment of the management capabilities of organizations it funds.

Numerous on-site review tools and performance checklists have been developed for the purpose of assisting staff responsible for monitoring the performance of subrecipients.  Recently, however, Office of Program Review and Audit staff have developed a checklist of questions covering the areas of board oversight, financial management, and program management that we have found helpful in developing a broad assessment of organizational performance.  This "site tool" is provided as a source of guidance for those whose responsibilities include the monitoring of the organizations to which they provide funds, and who do not already have a tool developed or are interested in reviewing their existing site monitoring tool.

Site Visit Tool for Monitoring Subgrantee Performance

Last Revised:  December 05, 2012