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MCH Early Childhood Systems
Core Competencies

Background and Purpose

All local health departments that receive MCH Block Grant funds are required each year to complete the MCH Early Childhood Systems Competencies Tool (PDF, 417 KB) as an agency. The MCH Core Competency Tool was created for agencies to:

  • Facilitate discussions regarding collective knowledge and ability to implement MCH Early Childhood Systems work.

  • Use as a planning tool for targeting professional development opportunities designed to support the MCH Early Childhood Systems work.

  • Encourage training and mentorship, locally and statewide.

  • Meet contract requirements for Wisconsin Healthiest Families (WHF)/Keeping Kids Alive (KKA) objectives.

Professional Development Resources

As a starting point for agencies to build their skills in one or more of the MCH competencies, professional development resource recommendations are available on the MCH Early Childhood Systems Core Competencies Professional Development Resources webpage.

Within each competency different kinds of resources may be provided: professional reading, webcasts and presentations, websites and face-to-face learning opportunities. If applicable, there are also resources from the MCH Navigator (exit DHS), a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learning in maternal and child health developed by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) (exit DHS).

This is intended to be a starting point for agencies to develop competencies that support work in Early Childhood Systems. Listed resources will change over time. To suggest additions, contact Terry Kruse.



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Last Revised: February 18, 2014