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Family Care Memos - 2010

Date Issued


12/21/10 Cooperation with Ombudsman Programs (DLTC Info Memo 2010-07)

Revised 1/21/11

TA 10-12 Supportive Home Care and Medicaid Personal Care in the Family Care Program (PDF, 105 KB)
Addendum 1
: List of Wisconsin Medicaid Personal Care (MA PC) Benefit Services and Supportive Home Care (SHC) Services (PDF, 36 KB)
Addendum 2
: Supportive Home Care Services. The Family Care Home and Community Based Waiver Services Definition (PDF, 15 KB)
Addendum 3
: Coding for Medicaid Personal Care and Supportive Home Care in the Family Care Program (PDF, 49 KB)
Addendum 4
: Duties of Registered Nurse Supervisor (PDF, 32 KB)

Revised 1/24/11
TA 10-11 Workplan for Incorporating Common Carrier Transportation Into the Family Care Benefit Package (Obsolete)
11/1/10 Revised Resident Relocation Manual (DLTC Info Memo 2010-05/DQA Memo 10-030)

Revised 3/30/12

TA 10-10 Technical assistance documents providing guidance to Managed Care Organizations for implementing the Resource Utilization Grouper (RUGS) payment method for nursing home services with Family Care members (PDF, 67 KB)

10/14/10 Setting an MCO Enrollment Date for People Relocating from Nursing Homes (DLTC Numbered Memo 2010-11)
10/8/10 Non-compete Clauses in Provider Contracts (PDF, 11 KB)

TA 10-09 Standard Materials for Family Care Local MCO Grievance and Appeals Process (PDF, 40 KB)


TA 10-08 Member Must Receive Advance Notice of any Proposed Reduction, Suspension or Termination of a Previously Authorized Service (PDF, 32 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions
(PDF, 116 KB) Updated 12.16.10
Submit a question
. We will monitor submitted questions and periodically updated the FAQ for inclusion. 

9/21/10 Practices that are not to be used in Community Based Programs and Facilities (Shared Memo: DLTC 2010-09, DMHSAS 2010-06, and DQA 10-026)


TA 10-07 Participation in Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration (PDF, 38 KB)



TA 10-06 Technical Assistance for When a Residential Provider Rate Results in a Move for a Member (PDF, 36 KB)


Replaced by TA Memo 11-02 TA 10-05 MCO Access and Contracts with Nursing Home Commissions formed under s. 49.49(7) 


Revised 7/13/10

TA 10-04 Technical Guidelines for Prevocational Services in Family Care and Partnership (PDF, 73 KB)

Reference Materials:
Prevocational Services Webpage
Memo on Clarification on Technical Guidelines for Prevocational Services
(PDF, 1 MB; 12/22/10)
RS 11-03
Prevocational Services: Six Month Progress Report and Service Plan Template (PDF, 28 KB) 


RS 10-03 The Role of the Care Manager (Social Service Coordinator) in Family Care (PDF, 49 KB)

5/13/10 RS 10-02 The Role of the Registered Nurse in Family Care (PDF, 52 KB)

Revised 4/28/11

TA 10-03 Critical Incident Categories (PDF, 30 KB)

4/20/10 TA 10-02 Support Documentation for Local Adverse Decisions (PDF, 30 KB)
4/12/10 Monthly Encounter QA Summary Report Submission Guidance (PDF, 52 KB)
3/5/10 Family Care Member Income Calculation for Payment of Room and Board in Substitute Care (DLTC Numbered Memo 2010-05)
2/25/10 Enrollment Discrepancies (Obsolete)
1/19/10 RS 10-01 Suggested Policy for Use of Informal and Community Resources in Managed Long-Term Care (PDF, 28 KB)
1/19/10 TA 10-01 Care Management Requirements for Waiver Participants Enrolling in Family Care or Family Care Partnership (Obsolete)
1/13/10 Certification of 1-2 bed Adult Family Homes in Family Care (Obsolete)
Refer to: Wisconsin Standards for Certified 1-2 Bed Adult Family Homes (PDF, 352 KB)

Numbered Memo Series -- previous years

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