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Information that can answer your questions about renovation and remodeling are categorized into the following categories in the table below. Choose the topic that you have questions about.

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Question: One of our gutter installers had a question and I am hopeful that you can clear it up for us. If he is removing gutters with no lead from a fascia board that tests positive, is he or is he not "disturbing" enough to require lead-safe work practices?


If the gutters are attached every few feet by nails or screws then the areas of disturbance would likely be just the nail/screw holes and would not add up to 20 sq. feet.  However, if the gutters themselves are painted, then they must be counted in the square footage determination and would most likely meet the 20 sq. foot minimum for the rule to kick in.

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Last Revised:  April 14, 2014