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Unit 11
Program Security

Institution Unit Supervisor: Dennis Kavanaugh
Psychiatric Care Supervisors: Lori Olsen (AM), Tom Molitor (PM)
Social Worker:  Jodi Heintz
Psychological Services: Scott Landon, Michelle O'Neill
Recreation Therapists: Kevin Hoesly, Diane Kemper
Teachers: Sharon Nesemann, Ken VanMieghem


To provide a behavioral controlled environment for the dual purpose of continuing the assessment of the inmates behavior with the initiation of programs which will measure an inmate's responsiveness to unit programming. We also provide a supplemental environment to the High Management Security Unit in an effort to facilitate transition to a more open environment.

Unit Program Summary

The Program Security Unit provides an integral part of the inter-disciplinary treatment modality at WRC. It provides to the treatment teams a behavioral management response to immediate presenting behavior that insures a safe and secure environment. This enables an individualized approach to meet the individual treatment needs as defined in the originating unit developed care plans.

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Last Revised:  September 19, 2013