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Unit 15 - Psychiatric Admissions/Acute

Institution Unit Supervisor: Tim Lundquist

To facilitate the admission and orientation process of all inmates received at the Wisconsin Resource Center; making effective assessment and referrals to units based on individual inmate needs and programs.

Unit Program Summary
The Admission Unit provides inmates received from the Department of Corrections an orientation to the Wisconsin Resource Center, its procedures, rules and available programs. After completion of the Admission Unit program inmates will have a general knowledge of WRC, various departments, institutional procedures and methods for obtaining services. The program prepares inmates to be successful in their stay at WRC by focusing the inmate on improved compliance to verbal and written directions. Appropriate communications with all staff and other inmates is encouraged in all day to day contacts. The program further provides preparation for functioning on the open units of WRC and participation in treatment programs. All new admits to WRC are assessed by the Admission team within 15 working days of arrival with the intent to place the inmate in the most appropriate unit environment to meet the clinical and social needs of the individual while maintaining balance with security and safety issues.

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Last Revised:  April 23, 2014