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Unit 5 - AODA/Release

Institution Unit Supervisor: Janice Weis

Vision Statement

The AODA/Re-Entry unit is designed to provide an environment that promotes rehabilitation by linking release planning, medication management, independent living skills, job skills, personal responsibility and self-control as means of integrating the resident back to the community.

Program Statement

The AODA/Pre-Release unit is a 28 bed structured community. The unit is designed to provide care and release planning for those residents who have a history of chronic mental health issues or correctional institutionalization. The AODA/Re-Entry Unit treatment team focuses on developing individualized release plans that are focused on independent living skills while providing relapse prevention or wellness plans. Through the collaborative development of individualized treatment plans, stressors related to release planning and community reintegration will be reduced. 

The unit operates under a multi-disciplinary treatment model and is structured to provide rapid feedback through constructive consequences/rewards to modify behaviors. The treatment team consists of an Institution Unit Supervisor, Psychiatric Care Supervisor, Psychiatrist, Psychological Services Associate, Social Worker, Psychiatric Care Technicians, an Education Representative, and a Recreation Therapist. The unit program receives additional support from staff involved in other departments within WRC. Many residents on the unit are participants in the Dual Diagnosis treatment program that is offered on-unit. 

The unit coordinates with community-based services to assist with transitioning to the community. This may include DCC agents, Case Managers, Social Security, family supports, and community mental health providers. The team also coordinates efforts with the Opening Avenues to Reentry Success (OARS) program.

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Last Revised:  April 23, 2014