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BreastEd Lactation Series Ten individual courses covering all aspects of human lactation.
Early Childhood and Home-Based Programs Training about the influence of nurturing, empathic parent-child relationships and healthy childhood development.
Emergency Preparedness Training Courses offered by the Michigan Center for Public Health Preparedness.
Folic Acid Counseling   Continuing education tutorial from the Spina Bifida Association.
Growth Charts Training   Three modules: overview; using BMI-for-age charts; screening, assessing and managing weight. 
Growth Charts Training   Seven modules on equipment, techniques, rating yourself, poor growth, using CDC charts, head circumference, and adolescent growth.
Lactation Counselor Certificate Training Program Training program offered by the Center for Breastfeeding. See website for training dates and locations.
Nutrition and Physical Activity Planning
Tools from "Moving to the Future" for planning nutrition and physical activity programs.
Nutrition for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Six modules on growth assessment, dietary intake, feeding skills, fluid and bowel problems, integrated services and family-centered plans.
Oral Health   Seven modules on pediatric oral health for non-dental health professionals.
Oral Health and Nutrition   Five modules on oral health and children, including: screening, prevention and risk factors.
Public Health
Courses on public health issues such as overweight, obesity, communication and depression. 
Public Health Concepts
Modules on topics such as policy and advocacy, culture and health literacy, epidemiology and environmental health.
Public Health Foundational Training
Courses offered by the Michigan Public Health Training Center. Topics include: program operations, environmental health, budgeting and accounting.
USDA WIC Works Learning Online
Learning modules from the USDA's WIC website.

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