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Programs or Services Administered / Provided by Division of Enterprise Services

The Division provides the following support services to the rest of the Department.

Information Technology. Manages information technology services for the entire Department. Includes development of new applications, planning and development efforts including project management, contract administration for outsourced services and maintenance of a network of over 3,000 devices.

Web Services. Provides web site management, policy, and standards for Department web sites.

Personnel and Employment Relations. Handles recruitment, hiring, and job classification; provides employee and labor-management relations services; coordinates employee assistance; conducts management training; and manages payroll and benefits for the Department.

Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Compliance. Manages Department affirmative action, equal opportunity, and civil rights compliance programs and initiatives.

Fiscal Services. Manages the Department's accounts and appropriations, Federal reporting and payment processing. Operates and maintains the centralized fiscal management systems, processes fiscal transactions for a wide range of vendors.

Billing and Collections. Processes claims and billing statements for care provided in Department institutions which includes receipts for revenue in excess of $150 million per year. 

Security Development of the Department's Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).  Oversight of emergency management plans and DHS pandemic plans.

Strategic Sourcing and Contract Administration. Provides support and visibility to strengthen the Department's procurement process and contract management, including contract policy, practice, technical assistance/training, payment, and subrecipient audit functions.

Local Relations. Provides oversight and monitoring of local human service programs, monitors the Family Care contract, and provides ongoing consultation and technical assistance to counties to maximize federal revenues, enhance program quality, and support community relocations for institutionalized individuals.

Facilities Management. Manages the capital budget and building program and provides engineering, space management and energy conservation services for the Department.

Process Reengineering. Provides coordination and leadership of process improvement activities designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of Department operations.

Records and Publications. Provides records and forms management services and produces Department publications.

Project Management provides project management and consulting services, web resources and training to efficiently and effectively manage projects throughout the Department.

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Last Revised: April 03, 2014