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Division of Long Term Care

The Division of Long Term Care (DLTC) oversees the provision of long-term support/services for the elderly and people with disabilities. The Division administers and oversees Family Care, Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Community Relocation Initiative, Community Integration Initiative, Elderly and Disability Benefits Specialist programs, Pathways to Independence, and community options program and several community-based Medicaid waiver programs. The Division is working on the Governor's goal to expand Family Care statewide and eliminate waiting lists for long-term support services and providing choices to the elderly and people with disabilities regarding where they want to live and the services they need.

This Division is also responsible for long-term support services for children with disabilities. The children's long-term support service system enhances the opportunities that allow children with disabilities and their families to become connected to the community. The Division provides assessment, training and information to adults with vision loss, their families and interested professionals. The Division also provides information on new technologies for accessibility, community supports and services and training to people who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

The Division manages nursing home funding, develops nursing home policies, and reimbursement and auditing services. The Division also operations three Centers for individuals with developmental disabilities at Central WI Center in Madison, Southern WI Center in Union Grove and Northern WI Center in Chippewa Falls.


Division of Long Term Care: 
Brian Shoup, Administrator, (608) 266-0036,
Beth Wroblewski, Deputy Administrator, (608) 261-5987,

Information Technology Section:

  • IS Management Consultant, Vacant

Bureau of Center Operations:
Bureau Director: Ted Bunck, (608) 301-9200,

Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources:
Bureau Director, Carrie Molke, (608) 267-5267,

Bureau of Children's Services:
Bureau Director, Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366, 

Bureau of Long Term Care Financing:
Bureau Director, Curtis Cunningham, (608) 261-7810,

Bureau of Managed Care:
Director, Margaret Kristan, (608) 261-6393 
Associate Director, Betsy Van Heesch, (608) 215-7006,
Associate Director, Vacant

DLTC Councils

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Last Revised: October 24, 2014