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Office of Legal Counsel: Responsibilities

The Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) is an office within DHS which serves the Secretary and acts as a resource for the Department as a whole. The mission of OLC is to provide legal services and advice to the Department. To accomplish this, the Office:

  • provides formal and informal legal opinions,
  • litigates contested DHS actions in administrative hearings,
  • assists the Department of Justice office in court litigation,
  • provides training and guidance in investigation methods and legal issues, among other things,
  • oversees administrative rulemaking effort,s
  • oversees and facilitates implementation of new or updated HIPAA rules, and
  • coordinates caregiver rehabilitation reviews.

The Department's Administrative Rules Manager is located in OLC and is responsible for reviewing all administrative rule related documents at various stages before rules are circulated for external review.

The Department's Privacy Officer is also located within OLC and, among other things, is responsible for oversight and facilitation of the implementation of new or updated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules. The privacy officer is also responsible for managing the development and operation of compliance incident tracking mechanisms and tracking of disclosures.

The Department's rehabilitation review process is also coordinated through OLC. Coordinators prepare packets of materials for department staff who serve as panel members who review and determine whether an applicant should be approved. Return to OLC

Last Revised:  April 16, 2014