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Artwork Application Information

The Art Display Committee reviews applications as they are received; there is no deadline. Exhibits are usually on display throughout the building for three months, though longer periods may be granted.

Application Process

  • Review the available display areas to ensure your artwork will fit.
  • Complete the Artwork Application and email it to the Art Display Committee with images of your artwork.
  • The Art Display Committee will review your application and notify you if it has been accepted or not.

Digital Image Requirements

  • There is a maximum of 15 pieces for individual exhibits, and 25 pieces for group exhibits. All proposed pieces must have ONE corresponding image emailed to the Art Display Committee with your application.
  • Images must be oriented correctly and saved as a JPEG file.
  • Name images with this all lower-case format: artistlastname-titleofartwork.jpg or groupname-titleofartwork.jpg. Be sure these image names match the names provided on the application.

Accepted Artwork

  • When filling out the State of Wisconsin Art Exhibit Protection Memorandum (DOA-6414) (exit DHS; Word, 164 KB), use the following information in the designated fields:
    • You do not need to attach an itemized list of the artworks with individual values as that has already been recorded on your Artwork Application.
    • The "State Agency or Department" is Department of Health Services.
    • The "Person in Charge of Exhibit" is Rita Prigioni.
    • The "Phone No." is (608) 266-8472.
    • The "Location(s) of the Exhibit (Bldg. Name & Address)" is 1 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703.
  • You will be notified ahead of time by a member of the Display Committee as to where your artwork will be displayed. Prior to your scheduled time to display your artwork, double check the display area information to be sure your exhibit will fit in the designated area.
    • Display Cabinet - Located on the first floor near the central elevator lobby.
    • Wall Displays - Located on floors 2B, 1B, 6th and 7th floors.

Contact the Art Display Committee:

Last Revised:  August 28, 2014