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Display Area Information

Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet ExhibitThe display cabinet is located near the central elevator lobby on the first floor at 1 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI. The cabinet has a natural cherry wood frame, and is fronted by two 42" full view sliding glass doors, which are kept locked at all times. Four halogen lights in the ceiling of the cabinet and additional light strips provide display lighting in the cabinet. Map of Floor 1 Displays

  • Interior dimensions are 87 inches wide, 67 inches tall, and 15 inches deep.

  • There are eight adjustable glass shelves. Each shelf is 42 inches long and 15 inches deep.


Wall Display Areas

There are 12 wall display areas in public corridors throughout four floors in the building. Please note that the Art Display Committee will determine where artwork will be displayed.

Display Area Locations

Display Area Sizes
(all are 32 inches high)

Floor Maps (select the image for a larger view)

Floor B1
(near conference rooms)
Three at 8 feet long
One at 32 feet long
One at 16 feet long
Map of Floor B1 Displays
Floor B2
(near the cafeteria)
One at 12 feet long
One at 24 feet long
Map of Floor B2 Displays
Floor 6
(near the Office of the Secretary)
One at 16 feet long
One at 24 feet long
Map of Floor 6 Displays
Floor 7
(near largest conference room)
One at 8 feet long Map of Floor 7 Displays

Wall Mounting System Requirements

  • "Walker Display" Picture System (exit DHS)

  • No artwork should weigh more than 20 pounds.

  • No artwork can be more than 32 inches in height.

  • A hanging wire is required on the back of each piece for use of the security hardware.

  • Each piece must be able to hang from the rod and hooks provided with this hanging system.

    • NOTE: Pieces on paper may be hung with clips; however, they will not be insured.

  • Lighting in the corridors is indirect and levels may vary in the different display areas.

Contact the Art Display Committee:

Last Revised:  July 30, 2014