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Application Requirements for Artists

The call for artists is an open process. You may submit your artwork at any time. When we receive enough artwork, we will review and evaluate it for display at 1 West Wilson Street in Madison.

What is the process?

  • Review the information on the Call for Artists page.
  • Review the information on the Space Requirements page.
  • To apply, each artist completes an application and submits it for consideration by the Art Display Team.
  • Email your application to
  • We only accept electronic submissions. 
    • NOTE: Our e-mail system has a maximum size restriction of 15 megabytes. If your submission is larger than that, we recommend sending multiple e-mails, labeling each e-mail, x of y (e.g., 1 of 4).
  • An application consists of:
  • Only complete applications will be considered.

What is the artwork submission worksheet?

  • The 1 West Wilson Artwork Submission Worksheet is the application form. It is an electronic worksheet that has multiple tabs; blue shaded areas are reserved for Department use. Artists need to complete ALL non-shaded areas of each tab.
  • Instructions for the 1 West Wilson Artwork Submission Worksheet (PDF, 36 KB)

What are the artwork image requirements?

  • The number of artworks to be displayed is negotiable and subject to acceptance by the Art Display Team and space availability. The Art Display Team will review each submitted artwork and reserves the right to limit the number of artworks to be displayed.
  • There is a maximum submission of 15 artworks for individual exhibits, and 30 artworks for group exhibits. All proposed artworks MUST be listed in Section II of  tab F-00205 of the Artwork Submission Worksheet at the time of submittal.
  • Specifications for artwork images:
    • Submit only ONE digital image per artwork.
    • The digital images must be of the actual artworks you propose to display.
    • Images must be in the proper orientation for viewing on a computer (upright on a monitor).
    • Digital images need to be saved in one of the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .tiff or .gif.
    • Name your digital image files as follows (See the NOTE section for more information):
      • For individual proposal: artist last name_title of artwork.file extension
        e.g., smith_self_portrait.jpg
      • For a group proposal: group name_title of artwork.file extension
        e.g., WMHICrafts_swan.png
      • DO NOT put spaces between words. Either run the words together or use hyphens or dashes.
      • NOTE: The file names that you list on the spreadsheet should match the files that you submit with your application. Once you have listed the files on the spreadsheet, verify that the file names on the spreadsheet match the file names of the actual images that you will attach to your submission email. It may be necessary to rename the images so that they match the file names on the spreadsheet. For example, when using a digital camera, most of the images are automatically assigned a name such as 3205.jpg or IMG_3205.jpg. First, you would need to save these images to your computer. Once saved, rename the image file (i.e., on a PC, right click with your mouse and select rename). You can then rename the file to match the file names on the spreadsheet.

Other information if your artwork is accepted?

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Last Revised:  March 12, 2014