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Department of Health Services: Request for Public Comment

The Department of Health Services is collecting public comment on the following Department waivers, programs, initiatives and rules:

Program/Rule/Initiative Name Description Comment Deadline
Family Care Waiver The Department is renewing its Family Care Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver. As part of the waiver submission process, the Department is required to solicit comments from the public about the draft waiver application materials and transition plan. All comments will be submitted with the waiver application. September 2, 2014
Administrative Rule: DHS 178 - Campgrounds The Department is accepting comments on the economic impact of proposed revisions to DHS 178, relating to campgrounds. September 8, 2014
Social Services Block Grant Every year the Department is required to solicit public comments each year on proposed expenditures from the Title XX Social Services Block Grant. This grant supports local services for low-income families and individuals and is managed by local human services departments. September 19, 2014

Last Revised: August 29, 2014