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Wisconsin ADRC Home page:

ADRC Contract:

ADRC Statutes:

ADRC Administrative Rules:

Local ADRC Information: 

ADRC - Related Programs and Organizations

Wisconsin AIRS (I&A Certification): (exit DHS)

National AIRS Association: (exit DHS)

Elder Benefit Specialists:

Disability Benefit Specialists:

Independent Living Centers:

WisTech Assistive Technology Program:

Additional Supportive Information

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership:

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program-Reciprocity Standards Operations Memo 10-71:

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program Operations Memo 08-57:

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program (LTCIP) Training Materials (Located in the Instructional Resource Center of the DHS Learning Center) 

Medicaid Application:

Wisconsin Disabilities Home Page:

ADA Best Practices Tool Kit: (exit DHS)

Managed Care Expansion Information

Home page for Managed Care Expansion:

MCO Contract:

Home page for Family Care:

Family Care Statutes:

Family Care Administrative Rules:

Family Care Eligibility-Forward Health Portal:

List of Services Included in the Family Care Benefit Package:

Being a Full Partner in Family Care Booklet for Potential Enrollees:

Home page for IRIS:


Last Revised: July 31, 2014