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Operations Guide: 8. Contract Management

  1. Required Plan, Policies and Procedures
    1. The Aging and Disability Resource Center shall submit the following documents in conjunction with its initial start-up and resubmit updated versions with the ADRC Annual Update when there has been a change or as otherwise directed by the Department.
  1. Organization chart  (Article IV.D.2)
  2. Staffing plan / Personnel list (Article IV.E.2)
  3. Goals for effectiveness of marketing activities (Article III.A.9)
  4. Written information and assistance follow-up policy (Article III.B.2.f)
  5. Memorandums of understanding regarding access to publicly funded long term care (Articles III.G.2.b)
  6. Policies and procedures for helping clients access other programs and benefits, including access to mental health and substance abuse services (Article III.H.4)
  7. Protocols to ensure short term service coordination remains short term (Article III.I.3)
  8. Memorandums of understanding regarding referrals, investigations, and coordination of services with county or tribal agencies responsible for elder/adults-at-risk and/or adult protective services (Article III.K.3.c)
  9. Prevention and early intervention plan (Article III.M.7)
  10. Conflict of interest policies and procedures (Article IV.I.2)
  11. Process for identifying unmet needs in the community (Article III.O.2)
  12. Complaint and grievance process (Article IV.J.2)
  13. Internal quality assurance and improvement plan (Article IV.K.2)
  14. Memorandum of understanding between the ADRC and Tribe(s) with a tribal aging and disability resource specialist, where applicable (Article III.A.5)
  15. Confidentiality agreement and policy (Article IV.L.4 and 6)

2. Budget Worksheets and Instructions (DHS form number F00052a) (Excel, 48 KB)

3. Subcontracts

  1. Subcontracts shall clearly identify all parties to the subcontract, describe the scope of services to be provided, include any requirements of this contract that are appropriate to the service(s), and define any terms that may be interpreted in ways other than what the Aging and Disability Resource Center intends.
  2. The prime contractor (i.e., the Aging and Disability Resource Center) is responsible for contract performance when subcontractors are used. Subcontractors must agree to abide by all applicable provisions of this contract. The prime contractor maintains fiscal responsibility for its subcontracts, which includes reporting expenses associated with the subcontract to the Department. The Department should not be named as a party to a subcontract.

4. Performance

  1. The Aging and Disability Resource Center shall perform all the services required under this contract in a professional manner. The Aging and Disability Resource Center shall perform all services consistent with this contract and as further specified by the Department in written policies and procedures. The Aging and Disability Resource Center shall maintain a file documenting required policies, procedures, plans and agreements required under this contract and shall make this file available for Department inspection upon request.
  2. The existence of a dispute notwithstanding, both parties agree to continue without delay to carry out all their respective responsibilities which are not affected by the dispute and the Aging and Disability Resource Center further agrees to abide by the interpretation of the Department regarding the matter in dispute while the Aging and Disability Resource Center seeks further review of that interpretation.


Last Revised: April 23, 2014