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ADRC Brochure (PDF 98 KB) Activity Reporting for:
2012 (P-00317_2012) (PDF 322 KB)
2011 (P-00317_2011) (PDF 245 KB)
2010 (P-00317_2010) (PDF 272 KB)
2009 (PDF 260 KB)
2008 Memo (PDF 39 KB)
IRIS Brochure (PDF 1.71 MB) ADRC Status Reports:
2011 (PDF 3 MB)
2010 (PDF 1.5 MB)
Being a Full Partner 
(Family Care Handbook)
ADRC Five Year Plan (PDF 424 KB)
Pre-Admission Consultation Brochure Demographics
ADRC-TAE Website (Exit DHS) Disability Benefit Specialist Program Statistics (2003-2011)
Maps Elderly Benefit Specialist Program Statistics:
2012 (P-00363_12) (PDF 110 KB)
2011 (P-00363_11) (PDF 133 KB)
2010 (P-00363_10) (PDF 111 KB)
DHS Publications Library ADRC Evaluations:
I&A Options Counseling Report 2012 (PDF 1.3 MB)
Access and Enrollment Report 2011 (Word 3.30 MB)
I&A Options Counseling Report 2010 (PDF 1.65 MB)
I&A Options Counseling Report 2009 (PDF 2.44 MB)
Dynamics of Wisconsin's Disability and Elder Benefit Specialist Services: Structure, Processes and Outcomes (PDF, 1.12 MB)


Last Revised: March 11, 2014