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You can use this feature to find information on topics related to Adults at Risk and Elder Adults at Risk, Protective Placement and Services, and Guardianship. Select one of the letters below to view topics starting with that letter.  

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Adults-at-Risk Restraining Order
Aging and Disability Resource Center and APS Template MOU
Advance Directives Information

Bank Records - Federal Policies

Circuit Court Forms related to Guardianship Proceedings
Corporate Guardians, Contact with Ward
Corporate Guardians, Number of Wards
Corporate Guardians, Providers
County Conflict of Interest
County to County Conflict of Interest MOU

County Government as Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk Agencies

Dementia Diagnostic Clinics
Disability Benefit Specialist Reporting
Durable Medical Equipment
Durable Power of Attorney Information

Elder Abuse Funds for Durable Medical Equipment
Elderly Benefit Specialist Reporting

Financial Exploitation of Younger Adults at Risk (age 18 to 59)
Financial Exploitation Records Requests
Financial Institution and APS MOU Template
Obtaining Records from Financial Institutions - Federal Policies
Flow Chart

Guardianship, corporate, providers
Guardianships Determined Before Law Changes
Guardianships, Foreign (Out-of-State) Transfers

Individual at Risk Restraining Order
Intake Form Template

Involuntary Administration of Psychotropic Drugs
Involuntary Admission to a Facility
Information Release to an Alleged Abuser

Law Enforcement and APS MOU Template
Limited Required Reporters
Limit on Number of Wards
Living Will Information

Mandatory Reporters (Limited Required Reporters)
MCO and APS MOU Template (Addendum A of the MCO Contract with the state.)
State Medicaid Fraud Contacts
Memory Care Clinics
MOU Templates and Other Helpful Documents and Forms

Notice of Transfer of Protective Placement

Ombudsman Program, Aging and Long-Term Care

Photo Authorization and Documentation Form Template
Photographic Evidence
Power of Attorney Information
Power of Attorney for Health Care, Out-of-State
Power of Attorney for Health Care Witnesses
Power of Attorney for Finances Revocation

Power of Attorney for Finances and Property - Updated Form (September 2010)
APS Process Flow Chart
Protective Placement, Notice of Transfer
Psychotropic Drugs, Involuntary Administration of
Public Sector as Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk Agencies

Referral to Elder Abuse/Adults-at-Risk Agency or Adult Protective Services
Release of Information to an Alleged Abuser
Reporter Response Letter Template
Reporting Triggers/Red Flags

Required Reporters, Limited
Residency Determination
Restraining Order
Revoking a Power of Attorney for Finances

Templates of MOUs and Other Helpful Documents and Forms

Wards, Limits on Number of Wards
Witness, Power of attorney for health care

Younger Adults at Risk Financial Exploitation Response