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Elder Adults/ and Adult Protective Services Systems Notification List

Division of Long Term Care
F-00037A (05/10)

List of Current Memos


This notification list is for individuals working with Elder Adults/ and Adult Protective Services Systems. DHS will use this listserv to notify you about information such as numbered memos and SafetyNetworks newsletters.  All interested parties are invited to join this free service.

Instructions for signing up:
Enter your email address twice, then note whether you would like to be added to or deleted from the notification list. Select the "Submit this Request" button when finished. 

If your email addresses are not correct or do not match, your email address will not be added to this listserv

Add me to the following list
Delete me from the following list

Important information about this listserv:

  1. If you are unsure that you are signed up for this listserv, sign up again. It will not cause a problem if you sign up for a list more than once.
  2. You should get a "welcome" email within 24 hours after you submit your request. If you do not receive a welcome email, please sign up again.  You may have made a typo in your email address.
  3. If you enter the wrong email address, you will not receive future notifications.
  4. To remove yourself from the listserv (unsubscribe), enter your email address, select "Delete me from this list," check the notification list box, and select the "Submit this Request" button.
  5. If your email changes, you must sign up for the list with the new email address. Please be sure to unsubscribe the old email address.
  6. If an email bounces (is returned to us), we'll delete the email address from this listserv.
  7. If emails for an entire agency bounce, we'll contact the agency IT staff to determine the problem.

Last Revised: August 08, 2014