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Direct Link to the WITS Login Page
Use only after you have obtained a user account for WITS

New WITS Users: Getting started with WITS

There are two steps to obtain a user account for WITS:
Step 1: Obtain state DOA security clearance through the WAMS website.(Exit DHS)   Note: If you are already registered to use the CARES WorkerWeb, you already have clearance. Use your CARES user ID to apply for a WITS account. See Step 2.

Step 2: Once WAMS has issued you a User ID, apply for a WITS user account by filling out the WITS Access Request Form #F20483: PDF Version or Word Fillable form, 64 KB).  E-Mail or fax the form to Karl Schlenker at 608-267-3203.

While waiting for your account to be set up, please view this  training webcast (Duration 1:11) for basic information about using WITS to complete reports on incidents of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.

Experienced WITS Users:

View the training webcast (Duration 0:36) for more information about WITS features..

Resources to use with WITS:

Power Point Instructions for Making WITS Fit Your Computer Screen
(February 2009) (PDF, 467 KB)

Training Power Point (PDF, 828 KB) for new users
Training Power Point (PDF, 393 KB) for experienced users

Optional Data Collection Form (PDF, 40 KB) to help with gathering information in the field.
Valid Values List (PDF, 25 KB) for use with the Data Collection Form.

Power Point Instructions for making WITS fit better on your screen (PDF, 467 KB)

If you have problems using WAMS to obtain security clearance, it may be that you already have an account which has been frozen due to inactivity (one you obtained previously for another application such as the CARES Worker Web). Follow these steps for help, and someone from the WAMS service desk will respond and help resolve the issue.
1. Go to web site
2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, find the link to the service center
3. This brings up a fillable web-page
4. Fill in the page, include a phone number and name
5. Submit the page

If you have problems logging into WITS once you have a confirmed WITS account, contact Karl Schlenker at (608) 266-2537. If you have problems filling out the WITS report, contact Cindy Ofstead at (608) 267-3202.

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Last Revised:  June 18, 2014