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Bureau of Long Term Support Contact Information

Main Phone:           (608) 266-8560
Fax:                        (608) 261-6752
Mailing Address:    1 W. Wilson St., Rm. 418
                               PO Box 7851
                               Madison, WI  53707-7851

BLTS is located in the Department's Division of Long-Term Care. The Children's Services Section, the Community Integration Section, the Community Options Section and the Developmental Disabilities Services Section are responsible for developing and implementing a wide range of services and supports for the elderly, and people with physical or developmental disabilities who need long-term supports.

 Bureau Director: Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366

Children's Services Section:  (608) 261-7820
  Susan Larsen, (608) 267-9184

IRIS Section: (608) 261-6749
Supervisor: Jody Brassfield, (608) 267-6774

Long Term Care & Policy Initiative
  Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366

Programs and Services

Autism Services
Contact: Susan Larsen, (608) 267-9184

Birth to 3 Program
Contact: Terri Enters (608) 267-3270

Brain Injury Waiver
Contact: Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366

Children's Long-Term Support Waivers
Contact: Susan Larsen, (608) 267-9184

Community Integration Program (CIP I)
Contact: Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366

Community Integration Program II (CIP II) / 
Community Options Program Waiver (COP-W)
Community Options Program (COP)
Contact: Camille Rodriguez, (608) 266-9366

Family Support Program
Contact: Susan Larsen, (608) 267-9184

IRIS Program
Contact: Jody Brassfield, (608) 267-6774

Katie Beckett Program
Contact: Peggy Corp, (608) 266-9590

Last Revised: April 23, 2014