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Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services - Directories

Below are links to directories for Wisconsin certified mental health and substance abuse treatment programs in PDF and spreadsheet format.  These directories will be updated and re-posted monthly.

These directories contain address, contact and phone information; services provided; county and region locations; regulatory surveyor assignations; and branch office addresses.

Also use the Provider Search application to locate and obtain additional information about specific providers/facilities. 

Please E-mail the Division of Quality Assurance if you need further information or have questions.

 Some notes about using these directories:

  • Use the Search or Find feature to find a name or a word.

  • Many facilities have branches in other locations. Use the Search or Find Feature (type in the community name) to find branches listed under main entries located elsewhere.

  • Provider names are often listed as "First Name - Last Name" rather than "Last Name, First Name."

  • Providers may be listed as "The Provider" rather than "Provider, The."

  • Providers located in states outside of Wisconsin will have the state's name listed in the "County / State" field rather than a county name. Use the County/City directory to find all of a state's listings together.

  • If you cannot find a provider, it may be because the name has changed. E-mail the Division of Quality Assurance for assistance.

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Last Updated: July 30, 2014