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Conducting Internal Investigations of Caregiver Misconduct Training

This webcast series is based on the original four-hour classroom-style training* for persons responsible for investigating allegations of caregiver misconduct in entities regulated by DQA.

It is recommended that you view each module in the order listed below, but it's not necessary to view the entire webcast at one time. Runtimes are given for each module.

Part I 26:25

1.1 Learning Points, A Word about Prevention 6:00 (Webcast, help)

1.2 Caregiver Misconduct Legal Definitions (Abuse and Neglect) 7:50
      (Webcast, help)  

1.3 Caregiver Misconduct Legal Definitions (Misappropriation
      and Injuries of Unknown Source) 7:35 (Webcast, help)

1.4 Developing an Investigation Protocol 5:00 (Webcast, help)

Part II 38:55

2.1 Implementing a Sample Protocol 15:54 (Webcast, help)

2.2 Investigating the Allegation 18:36 (Webcast, help)

2.3 Incident Specific Requirements 4:23 (Webcast, help)

Part III 18:40

3.1 The Art of Interviewing 13:45 (Webcast, help)

3.2 Signs of Deception 1:40 (Webcast, help)

3.3 Reporting Requirements and Review 3:14 (Webcast, help)

* To view or print out the original written materials and handouts, go to: "Conducting Internal Investigations" Training Materials.


Last Revised:  April 21, 2014