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Money Follows the Person

In January 2007, the Department was awarded a Money Follows the Person (MFP) Rebalancing Demonstration grant. The MFP Demonstration, per federal law, supports State efforts to:

  1. Rebalance long term support systems while supporting individual choice of living situation (that is, move away from the use of institutions towards greater choice for community care);
  2. Transition people from institutions; and
  3. Promote a person-centered, needs based, quality driven system of long term care.

Under the demonstration, Wisconsin receives enhanced federal match for each qualifying person’s first 365 days in the community. The demonstration will continue through 2016.


In order for the State to be eligible for Money Follows the Person enhanced FMAP, an individual must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Pre-Relocation Eligibility Criteria. The person must have resided in a qualifying institution for at least 90 days. Medicare skilled rehabilitation days cannot be included in the 90-day period, but Medicare skilled nursing days can be counted.

Qualifying institutions include:

  • Nursing home;
  • Intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF-MR), or
  • Nursing home IMD if paid by Medicaid (if resident is under 22 or over 64).
  • The person must receive Medicaid benefits for institutional services for at least one day prior to relocation.

Long-Term Care Eligibility. The person must meet Family Care, Partnership, PACE, or IRIS functional eligibility at the nursing home or non-nursing home level of care.

Eligible Living Arrangement. The individual must relocate to an eligible living arrangement to qualify for MFP. Eligible living arrangements include:

  • A house owned or leased by the individual or individual’s family member, or
  • An apartment with an individual lease and where the individual or the individual’s family has domain and control, or
  • An adult family home (where no more than four unrelated individuals reside).
  • Certified and MFP-eligible RCACs where an individual has a separate key to the apartment and signs a lease separate from the service agreement.


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Last Revised: April 23, 2014