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Children's Long-Term Support Waivers
Fiscal Technical Assistance Resources

CLTS 2013 Reconciliation Information

Reconciliation Review and Completion:

CLTS CLTS Fiscal Memo #01-14: CY 2013 CLTS Reconciliation Final Steps and Notification (PDF, 225 KB)

Reconciliation Preparation:

CLTS CY2013 Reconciliation Instructions and Timeline (PDF, 182 KB)

CY2013 Reconciliation Packet (Form F-00963; Excel, 66 KB)

Other Fiscal Resources

CLTS Resource and Information Bulletins (C.R.I.B.):

#14-01 - State Reimbursement of Additional Services Provided to Children Receiving CLTS-Autism Treatment (Updated 2/26/14; PDF, 132 KB)

#13-01 - CLTS Waiver Services Provided during Institutional Stays (PDF, 143 KB)

Funding Applications:

CLTS Waiver Program CY 2014 Capacity Building Funding Application (Form F-01233; Word, 44 KB)


2013 Reconciliation Wrap-Up Webinar (From 6/25/14) (Handouts, PDF, 329 KB)

2013 Reconciliation Overview Webinar (From 2/27/14)


Last Revised: July 07, 2014