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Family Support Program
How to Apply

Families apply for services through their county Family Support Program. The application process includes an eligibility determination and a needs assessment. Information is gathered from a variety of sources which may include interviews with the family, educational records and medical history.

Once eligibility has been determined, a Family Support Coordinator schedules a home visit with the family. Together the family and coordinator develop a service plan that addresses the family's unique situation, identifying support needs and setting priorities.

As the service plan is developed, all supports available to the family are explored. Formal supports include medical, social services, educational and funding resources. Informal supports include friends, family, neighbors and community groups, businesses, or organizations.

In addition, the Family Support Coordinator may help families learn about and use services in their community, help coordinate services and advocate on behalf of the child and family.

If the name and telephone number of the local county coordinator is unknown, please call Wisconsin First Step at (800) 642-7837 or TTY (800) 282-1663.

Last Revised: September 26, 2011