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Hantavirus infection

Hantavirus is the name of a family of related viruses that have virtually a worldwide distribution. Anyone can become infected with hantavirus, but persons who have exposure to rodents or to rodent-infested areas are at highest risk of the infection. 

General information

Outbreaks of disease compatible with certain types of hantavirus infection have been described in Europe and Asia since the 1930's. However, in the United States, there were no reports of acute disease associated with hantavirus prior to 1993. In the spring of that year, an outbreak of severe respiratory disease caused by a newly recognized strain of hantavirus occurred in the southwestern USA. It is now apparent that illnesses due to this strain occurred before the 1993 outbreak, but were not recognized.

Hantavirus infection fact sheet - Spanish

Information for health professionals

This is a Wisconsin disease surveillance category I disease:
Report IMMEDIATELY by TELEPHONE to the patient's local public health department upon identification of a confirmed or suspected case. The local health department shall then notify the state epidemiologist immediately of any confirmed or suspected cases. Submit a case report within 24 hours submit a case report electronically through the Wisconsin Electronic Surveillance System (WEDSS), by mail or fax using an Acute and Communicable Disease case report F44151 or by other means. 
Information on communicable disease reporting

Wisconsin case reporting and public health follow-up guidelines: Hantavirus EpiNet   
Hantavirus case report form (Exit DHS)  

Additional resources

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