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Hepatitis A virus infection 

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General information
Hepatitis A (formerly known as infectious hepatitis) is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. The disease is not uncommon; approximately 30-40 cases are reported each year in Wisconsin. Hepatitis A is still very common in developing countries. Unlike hepatitis B and hepatitis C, hepatitis A does not result in a chronic infection, nor is it associated with liver cancer

The hepatitis A virus enters through the mouth, multiplies in the body, and is passed in the stool, which becomes highly infectious. If careful handwashing with soap is not done, the virus can then be carried on an infected person's hands. From there, the virus can be spread to others by direct contact or by consuming food or drink that has been handled by that infected individual. In some cases, it can be spread by consuming water contaminated with sewage. Because the virus is passed in the stool, children with hepatitis Are who are not toilet trained can be an important source of the infection.

A highly effective vaccine is available to prevent hepatitis A.

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CDC Hepatitis A

Information for health professionals

This is a Wisconsin Disease Surveillance Category I disease:
Report IMMEDIATELY by TELEPHONE to the patient's local public health department upon identification of a confirmed or suspected case. The local health department shall then notify the state epidemiologist immediately of any confirmed or suspected cases. Submit a case report within 24 hours submit a case report electronically through the Wisconsin Electronic Surveillance System (WEDSS), by mail or fax using an Acute and Communicable Disease Case Report F44151 or by other means. 
Information on Communicable Disease Reporting

Wisconsin case reporting & public health follow-up guidelines: Hepatitis A EpiNet 
Viral hepatitis case report form
Handbook for Public Health Personnel: Hepatitis A
CDC Hepatitis A information for health professionals       


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