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Listing of DHS Topics: A - F

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A: Topic Listing
Abortions (no cost ultrasound providers)
Abortions (statistics)
Abortions Covered by Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare
Access to Care (Consumer Guide to Health Care)
Access to Care (statistical publication)
Access to Restrooms Act 198
Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual (APP Manual)
ACPM (Allowable Cost Policy Manual)
Acronyms, Glossary of
Act 146
Act 37
Administrator's Memos (DHS/DHCAA)
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
ADRCs (Aging and Disability Resource Centers)
Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES)
Adult Day Care, Application Process
Adult Day Care, Choosing Wisconsin
Adult Day Care, Licensing
Adult Family Home (1-2 Bed) Certification Standards
Adult Family Home - Construction of Health Care Facilities
Adult Family Home Directories
Adult Family Home, Application Process
Adult Family Homes, Choosing Wisconsin
Adult Family Homes, Licensing
Adult Protective Services
Advance Directives - Living Will, Power of Attorney
Advance Directives brochure
Advocates (Community Partners for Income Maintenance (IM) Programs)
Affirmative Action/Civil Rights Compliance Office
Agency Wide Audit
Aging Agencies, Regional Area
Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
Aging Offices, County and Tribal
Aging Programs Audit Guide
Aging, Abuse
Aging, Demographics
Agreed Upon Procedures
AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program
AIDS/HIV Data and Statistics
AIDS/HIV Insurance Assistance Program
AIDS/HIV Prevention
AIDS/HIV Surveillance
Air Cleaners
Air Pollution
Air Quality – Healthy Home Tips
Air Quality/Air Pollution
Alcohol Abuse Services
Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs, Licensing
Alcohol Analysts, Licensing
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment Programs, Licensing
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment Providers Directories
Alcohol and Other Drug Use (statistical publication)
Alcohol Testing Laboratories, Licensing
Alcohol Testing, Licensing
Allowable Cost
Allowable Cost Policy Manual (ACPM)
Aluminum in Water
Alzheimer's, Family and Caregiver Support
Ambulance - Air Ambulance Licensing
Ambulance Service Providers, Registration of
Ambulatory Surgical Center Directories
Ambulatory Surgical Centers - Construction of Health Care Facilities
Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Licensing
Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Medicare Certification
Animal Bites
Antibiotic Resistance
AODA Directories
AODA Services
AODA Treatment Programs, Licensing
Apartment Complexes, Residential Care
APP Manual (Accounting Policy and Procedures)
APP updates within the last 90 days (Accounting Policy and Procedures)
Arboviral Diseases
Architech - Construction of Health Care Facilities
Area Agencies on Aging
Art at 1 West Wilson Street
Arthritis Program
Asbestos - Home Safety Tips
Asbestos Certification
Asbestos, Health/Medical Issues
Asbestos, Industry
Asbestos, Schools
Asbestos, Training
Assistance, Emergency Food Assistance Program
Assisted Living Administrator's Training Course
Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities - Emergency Preparedness
Assisted Living Facilities, Choosing Wisconsin
Assisted Living Facility Directories
Assisted Living Facility Search
Assisted Living Forum
Assisted Living Forum Listserv
Assistive Technology (general)
Assistive Technology Program, Wisconsin (WisTech)
Asthma – Healthy Home Tips
Audit Confirmation Request
Autism Council, DHS
Autism Services
Avian Influenza (flu)

B: Topic Listing

Baby Names, Most Popular
Background Checks, Employee (Health & Residential Care)
Background Checks, Entity (Health & Residential Care)
Bacteria in Water
Bacterial Meningitis
BadgerCare Plus
Bat Bites
Baylisascaris Procyonis (Raccoon Roundworm)
Beach Monitoring
Bed and Breakfast Licensing
Bed Bugs
Behavioral Risk Factor Survey
Benefit Specialists
Benefits of Working, Disabilities
Bioterrorism - Possible Incident
Bioterrorism Readiness
Birth Certificates
Birth Data Query System
Birth Defects Prevention and Surveillance System
Birth Outcomes Initiative
Birth to 3 Program
Births (statistics)
Blind, Services for the
Blind/Visually Impaired, Office for the
Bloodborne Pathogens Standards
Blue-Green Algae
Board of Health Information
Boating, Safe
Body Art/Piercing Establishment Licensing
Body Artist Licensing
Body Lice
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Body Piercing
Braille Transcription Services
Brain Injury Waiver Program
Breast Cancer Screening
Budget Information
Building - Contruction of Health Care Facilities
Building Code Variance Application
Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources
Bureau of Center Operations
Bureau of Long Term Support
Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery: Mental Health Home Page
Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery: Site Map
Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery: Substance Abuse Home Page
Burn Prevention
Burning, Trash and Wood

C: Topic Listing

California Serogroup Viruses
Cancer Clusters
Cancer Drug Repository Program
Cancer Reporting and Statistics
Cancer- Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
Carbon Black
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide (CO), Exposure to and Health Effects of
Carbon Tetrachloride
Cardiovascular Health
Care Management Organization (CMO)
Caregiver Background Check Process
Caregiver Misconduct Registry
Caregiver Program
Caregivers for Elderly (Family)
CARES Updates
Caretaker Supplement (SSI)
CARS (Community Aids Reporting System)
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
CBRF - Construction of Health Care Facilities
CBRF Approved Training & Instructor Services
CBRF Approved Training Programs
CBRF Directories
CBRF Licensing
CBRF, Application Process
CBRFs, Choosing Wisconsin
Centers for Independent Living
Centers for People with Developmental Disabilities
Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled
Cerebral Vascular Disease
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
Cervical Cancer Screening
CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)
Chapter 980 (sexually violent persons)
Chemical Exposure - General
Chemical Safety – Healthy Home Tips
Chikungunya Fever
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Childhood Vaccine Information and Schedules (Forms/Publications)
Children and Families, Department of
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN)
Children's Long Term Care Council
Children's Waivers
Children’s Environmental Health
Chlorine – Exposure and Health
Chloroform – Exposure and Health
Choosing Wisconsin Residential Options (assisted living, nursing home, etc)
Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease (Prevention Programs)
Chronic Disease Prevalence (survey data)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Renal Disease Program
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)
CIP, Community Integration Program
Cities, Villages, Townships (CVT) list
City Health Statistics
City of Madison
Civil Rights Complaints
Civil Rights Complaints (Instructions)
Civil Rights Compliance
Client Rights
Client/Patient Deaths, Reporting
Climate and Health
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
Clinical Laboratory Science Workforce Survey
Clostridium difficile
Clostridium perfringens
CNA (Certified Nurse Aide)
Cold Weather Safety
Collecting and Reporting Data
Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)
Communicable Disease Chart for Schools and Day Care Centers (PDF)
Communicable Diseases
Community Aids Reporting System (CARS)
Community Based Residential Facilities
Community Based Residential Facilities, Choosing Wisconsin
Community Based Residential Facility, Application Process
Community Forensic Programs
Community Grievance Decision Digest
Community Health Centers
Community Health Improvement: Assessment and Plans
Community Integration Program (CIP)
Community Options Program
Community Partners for Income Maintenance (IM) Programs
Community Recovery Services (CRS)
Community Relocation Initiative
Community Substance Abuse Service Providers Directories
Community Support Programs (CSP)
Community-Associated MRSA
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
Companion Program, Senior
Competency Testing, Nurse Aide
Competency To Stand Trial Program
Complaints, Assisted Living Facilities
Complaints, Elder Care
Complaints, Health Care Facilities
Complaints, Long Term Care
Complaints, Nursing Homes
Complaints, Restaurant, Motel, Hotel, Swimming Pool
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)
Compulsive Gambling Awareness
Conditional Release Program
Confidentiality of Treatment Records
Connection to Community Living
Consolidated Public Health Programs Audit Guide
Construction of Health Care Facilities
Construction, Health or Residential Care Facility (Plan Review)
Consumer Guide to Health Care
Consumer Guides
Consumer Information Reports, Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled
Consumer Information Reports, Nursing Homes
Consumer Information: Substance Abuse
Contact Information
Contract Administration
Contract Administrator's Toolbox
COP Waiver Technical Assistance
Corporate Guardianships/Guardian Services
Cost Report, Medicaid Nursing Home Payment Rates
Council on Long Term Care Reform, Wisconsin
Counseling, Deaf & Hard of Hearing
County / Tribal / Local Partners
County Aging Offices
County Health Statistics
County Long Term Care Programs
County Oral health Wisconsin Surveillance System (COWSS)
County, Regions by
Court Liaison Services
Courtesy Plan Review - Construction of Health Care Facilities
CRE (Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD or TSE)
Crime Prevention - Home Safety Tips
Crimean-Congo Virus
Critical Access Hospitals
CVT list (Wisconsin)
CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease)
Cystic Fibrosis: Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program
Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

D: Topic Listing

Dane County Board Supervisors
Data Query System (WISH)
Data Warehouse, Long Term Care
Day Care Exclusion Criteria
Day Care, Adult
Daycares, Lead Paint in
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Deafblind Services
Death Certificates
Death Data Query System
Deaths (statistics)
Deaths, Client/Patient Deaths, Reporting
Declaration to Physicians (Living Will)
Dementia Care System Redesign
Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease Resources
Dementia, Demographics
Dengue Fever
Dental / Oral Health
Department of Children and Families
Developmental Disabilities (DD) Network
Developmental Disabilities, Centers for People with
Developmental Disabilities, Community Integration Program
Developmental Disabilities, Facilities for Persons with
Developmental Disability Programs
Developmentally Disabled, Facilities for the
DHS Contact Information
DHS Employment Opportunities
DHS Priority Initiatives
DHS Regions by County
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
Dialysis Directories
Dialysis, End Stage Renal, licensing
Directories, Adult Day Care
Directories, Adult Family Home
Directories, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment
Directories, Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Directories, Assisted Living Facilities
Directories, CBRF
Directories, Community Based Residential Facilities
Directories, Community Substance Abuse Services
Directories, Dialysis
Directories, End Stage Renal Dialysis
Directories, Facilities for People with Developmental Disabilities
Directories, Health Care Facilities (Non Long-Term)
Directories, Home Health Agencies
Directories, Hospices
Directories, Hospital
Directories, Income Maintenance Agencies
Directories, Mental Health Treatment Providers
Directories, Nursing Homes
Directories, RCAC
Directories, Renal Dialysis
Directories, Residential Care Apartment Complexes
Directories, Rural Health Clinics
Directories, Substance Abuse Treatment/Services
Directories, Swing Bed Hospitals
Directory of DHS Services
Directory, Traumatic Brain Injury (Facilities Serving Persons With TBI)
Directory, Ventilator-Dependent Persons (Facilities Serving)
Disabilities, Developmental
Disabilities, Employment
Disabilities, People with (Governor's Committee)
Disabilities, Publications
Disabilities, Vocational Futures Planning
Disability Benefit Specialist Program
Disability Determination
Disability Resource Centers
Disease Reporting
Diseases, Communicable
Disparities in Birth Outcomes
Disposal of Waste
Division of Enterprise Services
Division of Health Care Access and Accountability
Division of Long Term Care
Division of Mental Health and Substance Service
Division of Public Health
Division of Quality Assurance
Divorce Certificates
Divorces (statistical publications)
DLTC and DMHSAS Information Memos
DLTC and DMHSAS Numbered Memos
Do Not Resuscitate Bracelet
Domestic Partnership, Declaration of
Domestic Partnership, Termination of
Domestic Partnerships (statistical publication)
Donate Life (Organ / Tissue Donation)
DQA E-Mail Subscription Service
DQA Numbered Memos
Drinking Water
Drinking Water – Home Safety Tips
Drinking Water Wells, Private
Drug Abuse Services
Drug Abuse Treatment Programs, Licensing
Drug Repository Program
Drug Use (statistical publication)
Dumps and Landfills, Old
Dust Allergies – Healthy Home Tips

E: Topic Listing

E-Mail Subscription Service - Division of Quality Assurance
e-SOD/e-POC Process (Health/Residential Care Providers)
E. coli (E. Coli O157:H7 Infections)
Early Intervention
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Eating Safe Fish
Ebola Virus
eHealth Initiative
Elder Abuse
Elder Abuse Hotlines
Elder Benefits Specialists
Elder Nutrition Program
Elder Services
Electrical Safety - Home Safety Tips
Electromagnetic Fields
Eligibility Management
Email encryption training for partners, providers and constituents
Emergency Department Visits for Injuries
Emergency Detention, Non-Wisconsin Residents
Emergency Food Assistance Program
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Services for Children
Emergency Medical Services System, On-line licensing and database
Emergency Preparedness - Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities
Employment Opportunities
Employment Program, Senior (WISE)
Employment, Disabilities
Encounter Reporting
Encryption training (email) for partners, providers and constituents
End Stage Renal Dialysis - Construction of Health Care Facilities
End Stage Renal Dialysis Directories
End Stage Renal Dialysis treatment, Licensing
Engineering Plan Review - Construction of Health Care Facilities
Enteroviruses including EV-D68
Enterprise Services, Division of
Entity Background Checks, Health Care Facilities
Environmental Epidemiology
Environmental Epidemiology-Health, Medical
Environmental Health Resources
Environmental Health, Resource Directory
Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT)
Environmental Sanitation, Water
EPHT (Environmental Public Health Tracking)
Epi Express
Equal Opportunity Information
ESRD Directories
Exceptional Expense Supplement (SSI-E)
Express Enrollment

F: Topic Listing

Facilities for Developmental Disabilities, Consumer Information Reports
Facilities for Developmental Disabilities, Licensing
Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Directories
Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Licensing
Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled/Construction
Falls Prevention
Family Care
Family Care Audit Guide
Family Caregivers
Family Health Survey
Family Planning Only Services
Family Support Program
Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program
Feeding Assistants (Long Term Care)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / Fetal Alcohol Effects
Fetal Deaths
Fifth Disease
Financial Management Handbook
Financial Management Manual (FMM)
Fire Report in Health Care Facilities
Fire Safety and Burn Prevention – Home Safety Tips
Fireworks Safety
First Responders/EMS
Fish Advisories/Toxics
Fish, Eating Safety
Flesh-eating bacteria (Necrotizing fasciitis)
Flood Hazards and Recovery
Fluoridation Operations
FMM (Financial Management Manual)
Food Certification, Restaurant
Food Handling in the Home – Healthy Home Tips
Food Poisoning
Food Safety
Food Safety (exit DHS)
Food, Emergency Food Assistance Program
Foodborne and Waterborne Disease Outbreak Investigation Manual (PDF)
FoodShare Employment and Training
FoodShare Handbook
FoodShare Wisconsin
Form Library
Foster Grandparents
Frac sand mining (Respirable Crystalline Silica)
Fraud, Public Assistance
Fuel Oil Spills
Functional Screen
Funding Information
Funding Source
Funding, Long Term Care
Funeral Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP)

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