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Diabetes-Related Educational Opportunities

Disclaimer: The training information provided below is not necessarily sponsored by the Wisconsin Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP).  However, the DPCP provides this training information as a valuable resource for you.

Consumer Educational Opportunities
These educational opportunities are directed toward the consumer.  The information contained here also benefits health professionals, as they can share the information with patients.

Professional Educational Opportunities
These educational opportunities are directed toward the health professional.

Professional Webcasts
These webcasts are directed toward health professionals.  Some of the webcasts address the Wisconsin Essential Diabetes Mellitus Care Guidelines.

Consumer Educational Opportunities


Living Well with Chronic Conditions (CDSMP): A Self-Management Workshop

The Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshop is for individuals who have one or more chronic conditions or for caregivers of these individuals.  A friend, caregiver, or relative is welcome to attend the workshop along with the person who has a chronic condition.  The workshops help build confidence and help to develop self-management strategies so individuals can better manage their own health.

For more information and to download a list of current programs, go to the Living Well with Chronic Conditions (exit DHS) website.

Professional Educational Opportunities

None at this time


Professional Webcasts

Note: If you have questions about prerequisites necessary to view webcasts, please click the Webcast Prerequisites website for help.

Webcast: Promoting Healthy Vision for People with Diabetes
Presentation by Barbara Blodi, MD and Amy Walker, OD (Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Wisconsin)  (55 minutes, January 2007)

Webcast: Implications of Periodontal Disease for People with Diabetes
Presentation by Anthony Iacopino, DMD, PhD, Marquette University School of Dentistry (54 minutes, April 2007)

Webcast: World Kidney Day - March 13, 2008
Presentations by Vishnu Moorthy, MD; Bryan Becker, MD; Jonathan Jaffery, MD; Jenny Camponeschi, MS; Ray Ropers; Sheri Johnson, PhD (77 minutes, March 2008)

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