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Worksite Wellness Resources

Worksite wellness refers to an organized program or activities that a worksite may offer to promote healthy lifestyles (e.g., healthy eating, being physically active, managing stress, quitting tobacco) to employees and their families.  Worksite wellness programs are designed to enrich an employee's physical, mental, emotional, and occupational well-being.  Email Pam Geis from the Wisconsin Diabetes Prevention and Control Program for more information and resources.

Additional Resources

Interested in receiving a bimonthly newsletter with resources for worksite wellness coordinators, parish nurses, and others interested in wellness activities? Sign up for the Working with Diabetes listserv by sending an email to Pam Geis. Here is a sample (PDF, 503 KB) of the Working with Diabetes newsletter.

Wisconsin Worksite Wellness Resource Kit
Toolkit to assist worksites with implementing effective wellness strategies regardless of the size of their worksite or available resources.

Diabetes At Work (exit DHS)
National Diabetes Education Program

Wellness Council of Wisconsin (exit DHS)

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) (exit DHS)

Healthier Worksite Initiative (exit DHS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Business Group Resources (exit DHS)
Resources from the National Business Group on Health

Last Revised: July 23, 2014