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INFO MEMO 2007-09

Department of Health and Family Services 
Division of Long Term Care 
Info Memo Series
Date: August 15, 2007

To: Listserv

For:  Area Administrators / Human Services Area Coordinators 
Area Agencies on Aging 
County Aging Units / Directors 
County COP Coordinators 
County Department of Community Program Directors 
County Departments of Developmental Disabilities Services Directors 
County Departments of Human Services Directors 
County Departments of Social Services Directors 
County Waiver Coordinators County DD Coordinators 
Independent Living Centers 
Tribal Chairpersons 
Human Services Facilitators

From: Sinikka Santala Administrator

Subject: Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Systems Listserv available

This email is to inform you of changes to receiving correspondence, updates and/or memos from the Elder Adults/Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Systems program. As of August 15, 2007, the Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, Adult Protective Services will have a listserv notification system for all correspondence. You will no longer receive correspondence, updates or memos via regular e-mail. All communication will be sent via the listserv.

The electronic Listserv will: 

  • provide quicker access to information; 
  • provide an efficient way to share the information with staff in your agency who need it; 
  • reduce the number of paper copies you produce and/or maintain; 
  • provide an online search feature, reducing your time to find memos; and 
  • provide your agency with an electronic back-up of the memo series.

If you are interested in receiving electronic notification of policy-related information, numbered and informational memos (SafetyNetworks) for the Adults-at-Risk Services (APS), you will need to sign-up at 

In order to sign-up for the Memo Listserv, you will need a valid email address and internet access. Memo Listserv Sign-up Form and Procedures 

  1.  Go to: 
  2.  Fill out the sign-up form 
  3. Please select the Elder Adults/ Adults-at-Risk and Adult Protective Services Systems 
  4. Select 'Submit this Request' button.

You should get a "welcome" email within 24 hours for each list you join. If you do not get a welcome email, try signing up again. After you are successfully signed up on the Memo Listserv, you will receive an email notification after a new memo has been posted. Most memos published before August 15, 2007 are available on the Adult Protective Services website (

REGIONAL OFFICE CONTACT: Human Services Area Coordinators

Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources 
Division of Long Term Care 
1 W. Wilson Street, Room 551 
Madison, WI 53703 
(608) 266-2536 (Voice)  


Last Revised: August 20, 2014