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DLTC Information Memo Series - 2008

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Memo # Division/ Bureau Subject Date Issued
2008-13 DLTC Cooperation with Ombudsman
See Information Memo 2010-07
2008-12 DLTC Contracting Between CSP and FC MCOs
(PDF, 32 KB) or HTML version
2008-11 DLTC SSI-E Certification
(PDF, 42 KB) or HTML version
2008-10 DLTC Family Care Transition Guidance to County Long Term Support Agencies 10/13/08
2008-09 DLTC ICF-MR Restructuring Initiative 10/10/08
2008-08 DLTC LTC Fiscal Update Memo #9
(PDF, 40 KB) or HTML version
2008-07 DLTC LTC Fiscal Update Memo #8
(PDF, 69 KB) or HTML version
2008-06 DLTC Implementation of IRIS program
(PDF, 22 KB) or HTML version
2008-05 DLTC LTC Fiscal Update Memo #7
(PDF, 48 KB) or HTML version
2008-04 DLTC Charge Back Process for State Center Residents Who are Residents
(PDF, 47 KB) or HTML version
2008-03 DLTC LTC Fiscal Update Memo #6
(PDF, 22 KB) or HTML version
2008-02 DLTC Children's Long Term Support (CLTS) Allocation of New Waiver Funds and High Cost
One-Time Funding
2008-01 DLTC LTC Fiscal Update Memo #5
(PDF, 22 KB) or HTML version

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