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DMHSAS Information Memo Series - 2009

DMHSAS Numbered Memos

Information Memo -- previous years

 Memo #   Division / Bureau   Subject   Date Issued 
2009-05 DMHSAS  Consolidation of Children’s Services at the State Mental Health Institutes

(PDF, 24 KB) or HTML Version
2009-04 DMHSAS Matching Funds to Federal Financial Participation for Medicaid Covered Services under DHS 34, 36 or 63. (Attachment 1 added 11/11/09)

(PDF, 27 KB) or HTML Version

2009-03 DMHSAS 1915 (i) State Plan Amendment Community Recovery Services for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

(PDF, 32 KB) or HTML Version

2009-02 DMHSAS Person Centered Planning Training for Trainers

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2009-01 DMHSAS Wisconsin National Guard Prevention,
Treatment and Outreach (NG-PTO) program

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