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DDES Information Memo Series - 2006

(crossed off memos are inactive)

Memo # DDES Bureau Subject Date Issued
2006-21 DDES and DHCF Nursing Home Recognition for Performance (R4P) Quality Initiative 12/8/06
2006-20 DDES/BADR Adult-at-Risk; Including Elder Adult-at-Risk, Reporting Requirements
(PDF, 181 KB) or HTML version
2006-19 DDES/BQA BQA name change and transfer 10/6/06
2006-18 DDES Notice of Implementation of Surcharge for Stays beyond Discharge Date at Centers' Intensive Treatment Programs Starting January 1, 2006 10/12/06
2006-17 CRO Statutory changes in the admissions and treatment of rights of minors
(PDF, 142 KB) or HTML version
2006-16 BLTS Birth to 3 Program Indicators for Federal Reporting  7/31/06
2006-15 BADR Statutory Changes Affecting Counties and DHS Licensed or Certified Providers
(PDF, 156 KB) or HTML version
2006-14 BLTS Assuring Wisconsin Functional Screen Quality and Requesting Feedback 7/24/06
2006-11 DDES New electronic Listserv and process  for memo series - replaces mailed copies of memos. 6/01/06
2006-OSF OSF Targeted Case Management Claiming (PDF, 66 KB)  


BLTS Medicaid Waiver Group C Participants 1/19/06

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