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DDES Memo Series 2007-10

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From: John Easterday, Interim Administrator
Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Subject: New Federal Standards for Human Services Reporting System (HSRS) Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Reporting

Document Summary 

New federal requirements for substance abuse data reporting through the Human Services Reporting System are described including timeliness, completeness, and accuracy.

As a result of Congressional action, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration has issued new alcohol and other drug abuse client reporting standards. Implementing these new standards is a requirement for Wisconsin's receipt of some $25 million in federal Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Block Grant funds each year as well as an additional $150,000 in incentive funds. All Counties receive funds under this block grant and we will need the cooperation of every County agency in order to meet these requirements. It is our plan to reimburse County agencies for some of the costs associated with these changes when the state receives special incentive funding from the federal government. States will receive the incentive funding only after they have successfully reported the required data.

The new standards are as follows:

  1. Timeliness. The state must report data to the federal government quarterly and within sixty days after the end of the quarter. That means County agencies must have entered or submitted client data to HSRS using the following schedule:
    • 1st quarter (January through March activity) due into HSRS by May 15
    • 2nd quarter (April through June activity) due into HSRS by August 15 
    • 3rd quarter (July through September activity) due into HSRS by November 15 
    • 4th quarter (October through December activity) due into HSRS by February 15
  2. Completeness. A standard of completeness is also being required, that is, if record volume drops off more than 10 percent of the previous year's record volume, we will be considered in noncompliance with the standard.
  3. Accuracy. We will be considered noncompliant if there are any invalid codes and no more than 5 percent of records may have missing data.

Please make any needed changes in yours' and providers' reporting practices in order to meet the above data standards or provide us with a response if you will be unable to meet the reporting standards. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and we applaud you for all you do for consumers of your services in Wisconsin.


Mike Quirke, 
Program Evaluation Coordinator DMHSAS, 
Bureau of [Community] Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
P.O. Box 7851 Madison, WI 53707 
(608) 266-7584,  

Scott Tews 
DES, Bureau of Information Technology Services 
P.O. Box 7851 Madison, WI 53707 
(608) 266-3318,  



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