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DDES Numbered Memo Series 2007-04 and DCFS Memo 2007-06

To: Listserv

For: Area Administrators/ Human Services Area Coordinators 
County Departments of Community Programs Directors 
County Departments of Developmental Disabilities Services Directors
County Departments of Human Services Directors 
County Departments of Social Services Directors 
Tribal Chairpersons/Human Services Facilitators

From: Sinikka Santala, Administrator

From: William Fiss, Interim Administrator

Document Summary 

The purpose of this memo is to share the instructions and reporting forms for the DDE-942 Expenditure Report (PDF) and the DDE-2540 Human Services Revenue Report (HSRR) (Excel) to be used for CY 06. These reports are due annually. The DDE-942 is due March 25, 2007. The HSRR is due April 30, 2007.

Background In December 2002, the Wisconsin County Human Services "Visions" Committee released their proposal Redesigning Wisconsin's Human/Social Service Delivery System. This proposal recommends changes in how human/social services are funded in the state.

A Visions Steering Committee was formed and a subgroup of that committee developed a revised 942 Expenditure Report form and the Human Services Revenue Report (HSRR) form and instructions for each form. It was also agreed to discontinue the use of the 943 form. County Human Services, Social Services, Community Programs, Developmental Disabilities, and Aging Departments are required to fill out the Human Services Revenue Report to ensure we capture all county human service expenditures and revenues. The request to separate Aging Departments will be issued under a separate memo from DDES.

The purpose of collecting this information is to assist in determining what it actually costs to provide human services at the local level and the source of funds used to pay for these costs. It is important to have several years of consistent and complete statewide data for comparison and analysis.


The attached instructions include:

Target Group Definitions (PDF, 22KB)

A requirement that total expenditures by target group on the DDE-942 must be divided between adults 18 years and older and children under 18 years of age. The same is true for the HSRR form.

If a county operates a major program/service, i.e. psychiatric inpatient unit, juvenile detention center, etc, the county should only report their county's expenditures and revenues, not the full cost of the program. The other counties that purchase services from this program will show the other costs of this service on their DDE-942 report. The total expenditure and revenue for this specific program/service should equal what all counties that utilize this program/service report.

For CYs 2004 and 2005 county agencies were required to document the amount of the Basic County Allocation (BCA) used for Mental Health inpatient/institutional care. A change in reporting instructions for CY 2006 now requires county agencies to document the total of BCA and county revenues for Mental Health inpatient/institutional care. A new line has been added to the HSRR form to indicate the amount of county funds used for mental health inpatient/institutional care.

Report Formats and Due Dates

The DDE-942 report is attached, but the DDE-942 data entry screen can also be found at . It is a secured site so your agency may have only one person authorized to access it. If you have problems, call the HSRS SOS Desk at (608) 266-9198. This report must be submitted by March 25th of each year.

The HSRR report form is attached and for the CY 06 report the form should be filled out on the Excel Worksheet and emailed to Jane Hilgers at . It is important that agencies do not alter or change this form. Therefore the columns and rows on this form have been protected so that no additional rows or columns may be added. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

If you have any questions regarding these reports or the instructions, please contact:



For the DDE-942 Form: SOS Desk DDES, 
Room 851 
Department of Health and Family Services 
PO Box 7851 
Madison, WI 53707-7851 
Telephone - 608-266-9198  

For the HSRR Form: Chris Hendrickson OSF, 
Room 618 
Department of Health and Family Services 
PO Box 7850 
Madison, WI 53707-7850 
Telephone - 608-261-7812  



  1. Instructions: Expense Report For Human Service Programs (PDF, 26 KB)
  2. Instructions: Expenditures by Revenue Source for Human Service Programs For Year Ended December 31 (PDF, 23 KB)
  3. Target Group Definitions (PDF, 22 KB)
  4. DDE-942 Expenditure Report  (PDF)
  5. DDE-2540 Human Services Revenue Report form (Excel)

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