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DLTC Memo Series 2010-07

Department of Health Services
Division of Long Term Care

August 17, 2010
Re: Changes to Nursing Home Diversions

To: Listserv

For: Area Administrators/ Human Services Area Coordinators
Bureau Directors
Board of Aging and Long Term Care
Community Integration Specialists
County Aging Unit Directors
County Departments of Community Program Directors
County Departments of Developmental Disabilities Services Directors
County Departments of Human Services Directors
County Departments of Social Services Directors
County Developmental Disabilities and Long Term Support Coordinators
County COP Coordinators
Tribal Chairpersons/Human Services Facilitators

From: Susan Crowley, Administrator
Division of Long Term Care

Subject: Nursing Home Diversion Funding

Document Summary

This document is intended to notify agencies operating the Community Integration Program II (CIP II) of changes to the CIP II Nursing Home Diversion funding as a result of the enactment of 2009 Wisconsin Act 277.


The 2005 Wisconsin Act 355 made changes in the statutes to allow for the expansion of relocations from nursing homes under the Community Integration Program II (CIP II) to include persons who are diverted from imminent entry into nursing homes. To be eligible for these diversion funds, a person is required to meet certain risk criteria as defined by the Department in addition to meeting the usual functional and financial eligibility criteria for CIP II. The statute authorized the Department of Health Services (the Department) to provide an enhanced CIP II rate for up to 150 individuals who are diverted from imminent entry into a nursing home and provided for the Department to request additional funding from the Joint Committee on Finance. The Department requested additional funding twice for a total of 450 slots.

On May 11, 2010, Governor Doyle signed 2009 Wisconsin Act 277 into law. This act removes the limitation on the number of CIP II nursing home diversion slots available to be used by counties to divert high risk elders and persons with physical disabilities from entering nursing homes. This memo describes the procedure for use of this funding. The funding continues to be subject to all of the nursing home diversion policies previously communicated by the Department (see the list of attachments).


When a county identifies an individual who meets the at-risk criteria for CIP II nursing home diversion funding (must be eligible for CIP II funding, meet the high risk criteria found in the High Risk Worksheet and have a daily waiver care plan cost of not more than $85), the county should:

  1.  Determine if the county has a vacant CIP II nursing home diversion slot available.
  2. If no county allocated CIP II nursing home diversion funding is available, contact Lisa Kelly at to request new funding under Act 277. The county will receive an acknowledgement e-mail approving the use of additional CIP II funding for the new diversion.
  3. Develop and submit a plan directly to The Management Group (TMG). The plan must include the new CIP II Nursing Home Diversion Cover Sheet (F-20415), a completed High Risk Worksheet (F-20452), a copy of the e-mail documenting the approval for the new funding and all other required plan materials.
  4. TMG will send materials to the Department when the CIP II plan is approved.

Human Services Area Coordinators-LTS

Lisa Kelly
Division of Long Term Care
Room 450
P. O. Box 7851
Madison, WI 53707-7851
Phone: (608) 267-3695



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