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DMHSAS Numbered Memo Series: 2009

DMHSAS Information Memos

Numbered Memos -- previous years

(crossed off memos are inactive)

 Memo#    Division / Bureau  Subject  Date Issued
2009-10 DMHSAS Community Recovery Services Certification Process
(PDF, 26KB) or HTML Version

Action Memo: Certified CRS counties to be able to make claims back to January 15, 2010
2009-09 DMHSAS Start Up Funding for CSP and CCS Programs
(PDF, 36KB) or HTML Version
2009-08 DMHSAS / DQA Variance response plan DHS-34
(PDF, 47KB) or HTML Version
2009-07 DMHSAS Intoxicated Driver Supplemental / Emergency Funding Update Replaces 2008-08
(PDF, 30KB) or HTML Version

Action Memo: Return the  Requests for Intoxicated Driver Supplemental / Emergency funding by Friday, October 30, 2009.
2009-06 DMHSAS Rate Information for Billing for Services Provided by the Mental Health Institutes
(PDF, 26KB) or HTML Version
2009-05 DMHSAS Replaced by Memo 2010-02

Mental Health Block Grant Community Aids Formula Allocation (Replaces DMHSAS 2008-04)
(PDF, 26KB) or HTML Version

Action Memo: Return the County Reporting Form no later than July 10, 2009.
2009-04 DMHSAS Replaced by Memo 2010-03

2008 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Report (Replaces DMHSAS 2008-06)
 (PDF, 22KB) or HTML Version

Action Memo: This report is due July 24, 2009.

2009-03 DLTC / DHS
Expenditure and Revenue Reports
Update to DLTC Memo 2008-8, DMHSAS Memo 2008-8 and DCFS Memo 2008-3
(PDF, 41KB) or HTML Version
2009-02 DMHSAS / DHCAA Admission and Billing Procedures for Medicaid / Covered Youth Admitted to Mendota Mental Health Institute and Winnebago Mental Health Institute.
(PDF, 86KB) or HTML Version
2009-01 DMHSAS Supported employment funding opportunity
(PDF, 24KB) or HTML Version

Action Memo:  Applications must be received by the end of the day February 17, 2009.

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