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Important Notice

The Division information and numbered memos are distributed electronically via a Listserv. The Listserv is free, but does require an active e-mail address. The memos are posted in PDF format.

Subscribe to the Division Information and Numbered memo notification list. You will receive a notice each time a new memo is released, which will include a link to the online version of the memo.

Numbered Memo Index
Numbered Memos are used to convey policy or program requirements, either state or federal, that affect the operation of programs.  These Numbered Memos might include directives on new regulations, clarification of state statutes, administrative rules, policy or federal directives.  Numbered Memos should also be used to announce budget allocations and grants.

Information Memo Index
Information Memos are used to disseminate material that is strictly informational.  This memo series is for time limited, non-policy communications.  An Information Memo might provide details on quality assurance reviews/results, recommend new procedures, give details on new pamphlets or announce public hearings.