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DMHSAS Numbered Memo Series: 2010

DMHSAS Informational Memos

Numbered Memos -- previous years 

(crossed off memos are inactive)

 Memo#   Division    Subject  Date Issued
2010-11 DMHSAS Human Services Reporting System (HSRS) Mental Health and AODA System Technology Changes and Optional Encounter-Level Reporting
Action Summary: Statements due by February 25, 2011
(PDF, 22KB) or HTML Version
Attachment (PDF, 28KB)
2010-10 DMHSAS Change in Functional Need Criteria for Community Recovery Services
(PDF, 18.7KB) or HTML Version
2010-09 DMHSAS Request for Information for Shared Service / Regional Pilots for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. (RFI # 1706 DMHSAS-SM)
Action Summary: The RFI should be emailed to the Central Office no later than 4:30 p.m., Monday, November 1, 2010
(PDF, 61KB)
2010-08 DMHSAS Replaced by Numbered Memo 2011-08
Intoxicated Driver Supplemental / Emergency Funding Update
Action Summary: Return your application by October 29, 2010
(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2009-07 Action)
(PDF, 48KB) or HTML Version
2010-07 DMHSAS 2009 Wisconsin Act 318 – Mental Health High Cost Placement Fund
Action Summary: Return your application by October 29, 2010
(PDF, 55KB) or HTML Version
2010-06 DMHSAS
Shared Memo: Practices that are not to be used in Community Based Programs and Facilities
(DMHSAS 2010-06, DLTC 2010-09 and DQA 10-026)
(PDF, 48KB) or HTML Version
2010-05 Action DMHSAS Supported Employment Funding and TA Opportunity
Action Summary: Return your application by October 11, 2010
(PDF, 23KB) or HTML Version
2010-04 DMHSAS Rate Information for Billing for Services Provided by the Mental Health Institutes
(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2009-06)
(PDF, 23KB) or HTML Version
2010-03 Action DMHSAS Replaced by Numbered Memo 2011-04
2009 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Report
Action Summary: Return no later than July 30, 2010
(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2009-04)  
(PDF, 48KB) or HTML Version
2010-02 Action DMHSAS Replaced by Numbered Memo 2011-03
Mental Health Block Grant Community AIDS Formula Allocation
Action Summary: Return the County Reporting Form no later than July 23, 2010
(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2009-05)
(PDF, 48KB) or HTML Version
2010-01 DMHSAS Start up Funding for Comprehensive Community Services Programs
(PDF, 44KB) or HTML Version

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