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DMHSAS Numbered Memo Series: 2013

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 Memo#   Division    Subject  Date Issued
2013-01 Action DMHSAS Community Mental Health Services Block Grant - Community Aids Formula Allocation (PDF, 37KB)

Action Summary: This Memo outlines a reporting process with priority areas. Counties are required to report data and to develop performance targets.

(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2012-03)

2013-02 Action DMHSAS Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Report (PDF, 29KB)

Action Summary: The annual report for the period January - December 2012 is due no later then August 10, 2013 to the central office contact.

2013-03 Action DMHSAS Mental Health High Cost Placement Fund for Tribal Members (PDF, 22KB)

Action Summary: All requests for reimbursement from this funding source must be submitted by September 30, 2013. If requests for funding exceed available funds, allocations will be pro-rated based on total approved funding requests.

2013-04 Action DMHSAS Rate Information For Billing For Services Provided By the Mental Health Institutes (PDF, 29KB) 09/25/13
2013-05 Action DMHSAS Intoxicated Driver Program Supplemental / Emergency Funding Update (PDF, 45KB)

Action Summary: Counties shall submit copies of request for supplemental funds to their Area Administrator and LeeAnn Cooper, Intoxicated Driver Program Coordinator, Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery (BPTR) by Friday, November 22, 2013.

(This replaces DMHSAS Memo 2012-08)

2013-06 Action DMHSAS Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Numbered Memo and Intent to Provide CCS in Regional Service Systems (PDF, 36KB)

Action Summary: Department of Health Services is requesting Counties and Tribes complete and submit the “Intent to Provide CCS in Regional Service Systems” form to the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services by Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Please complete all sections of the form. Counties and Tribes are encouraged to complete the form even if CCS implementation is expected to occur after 2014. Questions on completing the form can be directed to Kenya Bright at (608) 267-9392 or

2013-07 Action DMHSAS Coordinated Services Team Initiatives Statewide Expansion Funding (PDF, 73KB)

Action Summary: Describes the process for eligible counties and tribes to apply for Coordinated Services Team (CST) Statewide Expansion funding. The Application is due February 15, 2014 and would result in a contract that will cover the time period of April 1, 2014 to December 2014. All counties and tribes with acceptable applications will receive $62,123 for each eligible county or tribe in their service area. Questions on completing the application and accompanying documents can be directed to Marie Danforth at (608) 266-2861 or Info can also be found on the CST Expansion Web Page.

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