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Eligibility Management (Income Maintenance) Home >> Customer Help >> Caretaker Supplement Help 

Customer Help - Caretaker Supplement (CTS)


Application F-22571 (PDF, 288KB) To apply for Caretaker Supplement  benefits.

Caretaker Supplement (CTS) Instructions for Application (English, Spanish) (PDF)

Fair Hearing Request (exit DHS) - To request a hearing if you don't agree with a decision about your benefits.

Fair Hearing Voluntary Withdrawal DHA 17, (PDF 10KB) *(exit DHS) If you want to withdraw your request for a hearing.

Self-Employment Income Report (SEIRF) form F-00107, (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF  KB) Use this form to report self-employment income.


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Agency Directory - To find the telephone number and address of your local agency.

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