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ACCESS:  Your Key to Health, Nutrition and Other Programs

Advocates and Community Partners

There are many ways your agency can use ACCESS to help people in need.

Staff and volunteers can use ACCESS when clients call or visit your agency. You can:

  • Make a computer available in your office so that families and individuals can use ACCESS on a walk-in or by appointment basis.

  • Provide clients with the internet address to ACCESS or add a link to ACCESS on your agency’s web site. 

  • Help spread the word about ACCESS by telling clients, colleagues, friends and others.  Learn more on how to order publications.

If you'd like to practice using the ACCESS Apply For Benefits tool, go to This is a test version of the ACCESS site that will let you practice applying for benefits. Keep in mind that you should only use this to practice. The application you complete will NOT be sent to a local agency for processing. If you want to use ACCESS to actually apply for benefits, go to  Please keep in mind, "help text" is available for many of the questions asked. The help text can be found by clicking on the "click the Help button" text within each question it is available. 


Last Revised: June 28, 2013