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BEM (Bureau of Enrollment Management)  2009 Operations Memos Index

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09-81 (PDF, 75KB) 12-22-09 Changes in the Caregiver Law – Certified Child Care Providers CC  Amended 10-21-10
09-80 (PDF, 71KB) 12-17-09 Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Job Access Loan (JAL) Payments in CARES W-2, JAL  
09-79 (PDF, 79KB) 12-17-09

W-2 and JAL Vendor Payment Information and W-2 Benefit Issuance Document

W-2, JAL  
09-78 (PDF, 81KB) 12-17-09  Emergency Assistance Financial Eligibility W-2, EA  
09-77 (PDF, 82KB) 12-18-09  Wisconsin Works (W-2) At Risk Pregnancy (ARP) Placement Requirements W-2  
09-76 (PDF, 71KB) 12-07-09 Medicare Premium Assistance Asset Limit  MA Added to MEH 10-01
09-75 (PDF, 76KB) 12-07-09 Verification of Shelter and Dependent Care Expenses for FoodShare  FS Added to FSH 10-01
09-74 (PDF, 62KB) 12-03-09 Change to Electronic Fund Transfer Form CC, W-2  
09-73 (PDF, 72KB) 11-23-09 Excluding $25 Unemployment Compensation Payments for FoodShare FS Added to FSH 10-01, PH 11-01
09-72 (PDF, 72 KB) Processing Changes for the Childless Adult Population BC+; FS; FPW  
09-71 (PDF, KB) Not Used -  
09-70 (PDF, KB) Not Used -  
09-69 (PDF, 71KB) 11-13-09 Coordination between the Emergency Assistance (EA) program and Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP) W-2, EA  
09-68 (PDF, 75KB) 11-13-09 W-2 Related and Child Care Confidential Documents in ECF W-2, CC, EA, JAL  
09-67 (PDF, 64KB) 11-09-09 Mandatory Signage FS Added to IMM 09-01
09-66 (PDF, 70KB) 10-27-09 Eliminating the Wisconsin Works (W-2) Employment Position 24-Month Time Limits W-2  
09-65 (PDF, 63KB) 10-27-09 Instructions for Moving a Participant to CMF Placement W-2  
09-64 (PDF, 278KB) 10-26-09 Child Care Certification - CCAP/CPS/Sex Offender Registry Matches CC  
09-63 (PDF, 63KB) 10-23-09 Census Employment Earnings and Temporary Employment CC, JAL, W-2  
09-62 (PDF, 64KB) 10-13-09 Hourly Participation Requirements for W-2 T and CSJ Placements W-2  
09-61 (PDF, 66KB) 10-13-09 Clarification of Local Agency Responsibilities For FoodShare Applicants And Members Who Are Adults Without Dependent Children FS Added to FSH 10-01
09-60 (PDF, 109KB) 10-14-09 Child Care Manual Updates CC, W-2  
09-59 (PDF, 80KB) 10-7-09 Addressing Problems with Payment Reductions in CARES W-2 Amended 10-13-09
09-58 (PDF, 96KB) 10-7-09 Medicaid for the Elderly, Blind or Disabled and BadgerCare Plus Core Plan MA, BC+  Added to BC+HB 10-01
09-57 (PDF, 359KB) 10-5-09 End of 5-Year Residency Requirement for Certain Qualified Immigrant Children and Pregnant Women Applying for Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus MA, BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-06

Added to MEH 09-05

09-56 (PDF, 76KB)  09-28-09 Asset Exemption Policy for Children MA Added to MEH 09-05
09-55 (PDF, KB)  Not Used -  
09-54 (PDF, 78KB)  09-28-09 Well Woman Medicaid Enrollment and Renewals now being completed by EM CAPO MA  
09-53 (PDF, 72KB)  09-22-09 Voluntary Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-06

Added to MEH 09-05

09-52 (PDF, 76KB)  09-10-09 Changes in CSAW Provider Rate Structure CC  
09-51 (PDF, 76KB)  09-08-09 Disability Determinations for Family Care MA Added to MEH 09-05
09-50 (PDF, 87KB)  09-08-09 2009 FoodShare Mass Change FS Added to FSH 09-03
09-49 (PDF, 81KB)  08-28-09 Wisconsin Shares Child Care Assistance Policies for Self-Employment CC, W-2  
09-48 (PDF, 76KB)  08-14-09 Federal Clock Not Matching W-2 Paid Months Monitoring Report W-2 The attachment was added on 08/21/09
09-47 Not Used -  
09-46 (PDF, 68KB)  07-27-09 2009 Child Care Rate Survey - Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program CC  
09-45 (PDF, 68KB)  07-13-09 Child Care Program Integrity Enforcement System (PIES) CC, W-2  
09-44 (PDF, 66KB)  07-08-09 Vehicle Safety Alarm Requirement – 2009 Wisconsin Act 19 and 28 CC  
09-43 (PDF, 73KB)  06-11-09 Private Pay Nursing Home Rate MA Added to MEH 09-05
09-42 (PDF, 181KB)  07-21-09 Job Access Loan (JAL) Centralization W-2, JAL Amended 01-31-11
09-41 (PDF, 72KB)  07-22-09 FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Referrals from the Enrollment  Services Center  (ESC) MA  
09-40 (PDF, 75KB)  06-02-09 Spousal Impoverishment Income Allowance MA  
09-39 (PDF, 84KB)  05-28-09 Census Employment (W-2 and CC) CC, W-2, JC  
09-38 (PDF, 88KB)  06-01-09 Core Plan Homeless Mail, Vault Cards, and Drug Tests FS, MA, BC+ Core Amended 06/08/09
09-37 (PDF, 79KB)  05-29-09 Job Access Loan Approver Designation W-2, JAL Attachment amended 01-31-11
09-36 (PDF, 84KB)  05-26-09 W-2 and WIA Coordination CC, W-2, WIA, JC Amended 05-30-09
09-35 (PDF, 65KB)  06-11-09 Dropped Coverage Policy for Pregnant Women BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-06
09-34 (PDF, 829KB)  05-22-09 CARES Enhancements FS, MA, BC+, CTS, FSET, BC+ Core  -
09-33 (PDF, 80KB)  05-22-09 Automated Issuance of the Enrollment and Benefits (E&B) Brochure FS, MA, BC+, CTS,  BC+ Core   
09-32 (PDF, 82KB)  05-22-09 BadgerCare Plus Premium Redesign BC+  
09-31 (PDF, 73KB)  05-22-09 Change from Local Agency Project Areas to Statewide Project Area FS Added to FSH 09-02
09-30 (PDF, 102KB)  05-22-09 BadgerCare Plus Core Plan for Adults with No Dependent Children (Childless Adults) and the Enrollment Services Center BC+Core Amended 05-30-09
09-29 (PDF, 265KB)  05-22-09 Application Summary FS, MA, BC+, CTS,  BC+ Core  Added to BC+HB 09-04

Added to MEH 09-04

09-28 (PDF, 68KB)  05-04-09 Continuously Eligible Newborn (CEN) Eligibility BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-04
09-27 (PDF, 70KB)  05-01-09 BadgerCare Plus Premium Changes BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-04
09-26 (PDF, 70KB)  04-09-09 W-2 Application - Required Child Support Documents W-2  
09-25 (PDF, 80KB)  04-28-09 Treatment of Income from Temporary Census Employment  (FS, MA, BC+) FS, MA, BC+ Added to BC+HB 09-03

Added to MEH 09-02

Added to FSH 09-01

Amended 05-29-09

09-24 (PDF, 98KB)  07-22-09 Address and Wisconsin Residency Verification Requirements for FoodShare FS Added to FSH 09-03
09-23 (PDF, 79KB)  04-10-09 Documentation of Citizenship Requirements MA, BC+ Added to MEH 09-04

Added to BC+HB 10-01, 11-03

09-22 (PDF, 86KB)  04-03-09 Emergency Assistance (EA) Policy Changes and Updated Documents for Wisconsin Works (W-2) Agencies EA  
09-21 (PDF, 72KB)  04-17-09 “Review Due” Report for Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Plus (SLMB+), Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid (WWWMA), Tuberculosis (TB-related) Medicaid, Emergency Services Medicaid MA, BC+ Amended 4-23-09
09-20 (PDF, 69KB)  04-03-09 W-2 Manual Conversion to RoboHelp W-2  
09-19 (PDF, 438KB)  03-27-09 Child Care Authorization Letter Redesign CC  
09-18 (PDF, 121KB)  03-23-09 Wisconsin Works (W-2) Case Closures W-2  
09-17 (PDF, 844KB)  03/27/09  Child Care Provider Union Dues Deduction from Subsidy Payments  CC  
09-16 (PDF, 70KB)    03-24-09   Supplemental Unemployment Benefits — American Recovery Act of 2009 FS, MA, BC+, CC, W-2 See Ops Memo 09-73 for FoodShare. Added to MEH 09-03, PH 11-01
09-15 (PDF, 86KB)  03-16-09 BadgerCare Plus Premiums — Policy and Process Clarifications BC+  
09-14 (PDF, 88KB)  02-27-09 Adding A Newborn Child to CWW (CARES) for BadgerCare Plus as a Continuously Eligible Newborn (CEN) BC+  
09-13 (PDF, 119KB)  03-05-09 Heating Standard Utility Allowance (HSUA) for FoodShare FS Added to FSH 09-01
09-12 (PDF, 96KB)  03-03-09 FoodShare (FS) Work Requirements FS Added to FSH 09-01
09-11 (PDF, 131KB)  03-06-09 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 FS, MA, BC+, CTS Added to FSH 09-01 and MEH 09-03

Added to BC+HB 10-01

09-10 (PDF, 62KB)  02-24-09 Tribal Per Capita Payments From Gaming Revenue MA, BC+ Amended 3/16/09, Added to MEH 09-03

Added to BC+HB 10-01

09-09 (PDF, 160KB)  02-25-09 IM New Worker Training FS, MA, BC+, CTS, FSET -
09-08  (PDF, 90KB)  02-05-09 Earned Income, Homestead, and Other Tax Related Income FS, MA, CC, W-2,  CTS, FSET, CF, JC, RAP, WIA  
09-07  (PDF, 77KB)  02-05-09 2009 Federal Poverty Level Changes for Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Programs CC, W-2, JAL  
09-06 (PDF, 141KB)  01-30-09 2009 Federal Poverty Level and BadgerCare Plus Premium Changes MA, BC+, SC Added to BC+ 09-01

Amended 02/03/09 and 02/07/09. 

Added to MEH 09-02

09-05 (PDF, 65KB)  01-29-09 Increase in the Income Tolerance Level for SWICA Matches CC, W-2  
09-04 (PDF, 81KB)  01-27-09 Foster Parent Resource Guide and Child Care Eligibility and Co-Payment Review CC, W-2  
09-03 (PDF, 81KB)  01-14-09 Estate Recovery for the Family Care Partnership Program MA Amended 01/20/09-Attachment Corrected.  Added to MEH 09-02
09-02 (PDF, 81KB)  01-20-09 Child Care Subsidy Automation Changes ( and CSAW) CC  
09-01  (PDF, 173KB)


Divestment and Other Medicaid Asset Policy Changes Required Under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 MA Added to MEH 10-02


* An Operations Memo is "obsolete" when it has been added to the handbook for that program.   If there is no entry, the memo is current.  If "Obsolete" appears in the column, the memo isn’t found in another document. If another reference is given, the issues discussed in the memo can be found in the referenced document(s).


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