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BEPS (Bureau of Enrollment Policy and Systems) 2010 Operations Memos Index

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10-90 (PDF, 65KB) 12-30-10 Family Planning Only Services (FPOS) - Authorization for Electronic Data Transfer of Application BC+ -
10-89 (PDF, 111KB) 12-30-10 Milwaukee County Wisconsin Works (W-2) Participant Choice Policy - Updated W-2 -
10-88 (PDF, 92KB) 12-21-10 CARES Modifications and W-2 Policy Notification for the Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project W-2, FSET -
10-87 (PDF, 517KB) 12-23-10 Administering Shares Authorizations During License Revocation or Suspension Actions CC, W-2 Amended 06-29-11
10-86 (PDF, 216KB) 12-30-10 Policy and Procedures for Suspending Wisconsin Shares Payments CC, W-2 -
10-85 PDF, 150KB) 12-23-10 No Child Care Eligibility for Transitional Jobs CC, W-2 -
10-84 (PDF, 73KB) 12-16-10 Resources on the Barrier Screening Tool Website W-2 -
10-83 (PDF, 100KB) 12-08-10 Process Changes for Central Processing of Newborn Adds  BC+ -
10-82 (PDF, 79KB) 11-22-10 CARES Security Changes All Amended 12-09-10
10-81 (PDF, 94KB) 11-24-10 Core Plan Waitlist Medical Bypass for Basic Members BC+ Amended 12/01/10
10-80 (PDF, 79KB) 11-15-10 Student Eligibility for FoodShare FS Added to FSH 10-05
10-79 (PDF, 88KB) 11-08-10 Disaster FoodShare Program (DFSP) for Residents of Grant and Milwaukee County who were economically impacted by the Severe Storms in July 2010.  FS Added to FSH 10-05
10-78 (PDF, 88KB) 11-05-10 Verification Notice Redesign Conversion BC+, FS, MA, W-2, CC -
10-77  (PDF, 75KB) 10-06-10 Request for FoodShare on the Pre-Printed Renewal Form FS Amended 02/01/11
10-76 (PDF, 83KB) 10-27-10 Changes to the Family Planning Waiver Program BC+ BC+ HB 10-05
10-75 (PDF, 384KB) 10-14-10 Citizenship and Identity Auto Update in CARES  FS, MA, BC+, CTS, BC+ Core, W-2 Amended 10/14/10 and 10/25/10
10-74 (PDF, 124KB) 10-14-10 New Birth Query Functionality in CARES Worker Web  FS, MA, BC+, SC, CTS, FSET, BC+ Basic, BC+ Core Amended 12-16-10, added to PH 11-01
10-73 (PDF, 65KB) 10-06-10 Job Access Loan (JAL) Funding JAL  
10-72 (PDF, 70KB) 10-06-10 W-2 Trial Jobs Return to Former Policies and Procedures W-2 Obsolete
10-71 (PDF, 81KB) 09-21-10 Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program—Reciprocity Standards MA Added to MEH 11-01
10-70 (PDF, 65KB) 09-17-10 Child Care Certification – Permanent Bar for False Information on BID Forms CC Amended 02-01-11
10-69 (PDF, 826KB) 09-17-10 Enforcing the 40% Rule for Children of Child Care Provider Employees CC -
10-68 (PDF, 81KB) 09-10-10 2010 FoodShare Mass Change FS Added to FSH 10-04
10-67 (PDF, 64KB) 09-10-10 Treatment of Residents of Puerto Rico Moving to Wisconsin FS -
10-66 (PDF, 69KB) 09-09-10 Verification of Medical Expenses for FoodShare Deduction FS Added to FSH 10-05, PH 10-07
10-65 (PDF, 39KB) 09-23-10 Milwaukee County Wisconsin Works (W-2) Participant Choice Policy
  • Participant Choice Poster
W-2 Obsoleted 01-13-11  See OM 10-89
10-64 (PDF, 74KB) 09-13-10 Communication to W-2 Participants Regarding the Availability of BST and Formal Assessments W-2 -
10-63 (PDF, 88KB) 09-13-10 Policy Changes Regarding the Transfer of Formal Assessments, Approving or Denying Good Cause, and 20% Payment Reduction Notification W-2 Added to W-2 Manual 10-01
10-62 (PDF, 77KB) 09-13-10 Updates to W-2 Screening and Assessment Policy and Procedure W-2 Amended 11/22/10 to add links to translated forms

Added to W-2 Manual 10-01

10-61 (PDF, 57KB) 09-03-10 Clarification of Approved Activities for Participation in Wisconsin Shares CC -
10-60 (PDF, 55KB) 09-07-10 Preventing Problems with Six Month Reports (SMRFs) CC -
10-59 (PDF, 358KB) 10-15-10 Verification Notice Redesign FS, MA, BC+, CTS, BC+ CORE, CC, W-2 Amended 10/25/10, Added to FSH 11-01
10-58 (PDF, 511KB) 09-20-10 Electronic Case File (ECF) Workflow Phase 2  ALL Amended 11/08/10, Added to PH 10-06
10-57  (PDF, 70KB) 08-23-10 Children’s Long-Term Support Waivers Demonstration in Racine and Walworth Counties MA -
10-56  (PDF, 81KB) 07-20-10 Processing Returned/Undeliverable Mail FS, MA, BC+, BC+ Core Added to FSH 11-01
10-55  (PDF, 547KB) 07-09-10

Southeast Wisconsin HMO Enrollment Project

BC+  Amended 08-05
10-54  (PDF, 241KB) 07-08-10

Preprinted Mail-In Renewal Forms: CWW Updates2

FS, MA, BC+, CTS Amended 07-15-10
10-53  (PDF, 241KB) 07-09-10

Core Plan Waitlist Bypass for Basic Members Diagnosed with Cancer

BC+ Basic,  BC+ Core Added to BC+HB 10-02

Amended 11/8/10

10-52  (PDF, 63KB) 07-09-10

Child Care Provider Certification (CCPC) System Changes - New Caregiver Law

10-51  (PDF, 74KB) 07-01-10 FoodShare Eligibility for EBD Households FS Added to PH 10-04, FSH 10-03
10-50  (PDF, 82KB) 06-30-10 CARES Screen WPBD Updates W-2  
10-49  (PDF, 80KB) 06-30-10 Policy Changes for W-2 Trial Jobs W-2  
10-48  (PDF, 65KB) 06-28-10 Disability Determinations for PACE and Partnership MA  
10-47 (PDF, 65KB) 07-02-10 Treatment of TANF Funded Employment Earnings for FoodShare FS  
10-46 (PDF, 68KB) 06-14-10 Renegotiating the Terms of Job Access Loan (JAL) Repayment W-2, JAL Added to W-2 Manual 11-04
10-45 (PDF, 68KB) 06-04-10 Request for Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) MA  
10-44 (PDF, 66KB) 06-01-10 Non-Driving Related Revocation of Driving Privileges W-2, JAL  
10-43 (PDF, 78KB) 06-01-10 Private Pay Nursing Rate MA Added to MEH 10-02, 10-03
10-42 (PDF, 85KB) 05-27-10 Wisconsin Works (W-2) in ACCESS W-2  
10-41 (PDF, 1,944KB) 05-26-10 BadgerCare Plus Basic Plan BC+ Core  
10-40 (PDF, 66KB) 05-17-10 Direct Deposit of W-2 Benefits Payment


W-2 Added to W-2 Manual 10-02
10-39 (PDF, 75KB) 05-26-10 Birth Certificates for Puerto Rican Individuals FS, MA, BC+, CTS, W-2, CC Amended 06/14/10 and  07/07/10, added to PH 10-04, FSH 10-4

Amended 10/18/10

10-38 (PDF, 68KB) 05-07-10 Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy – CSAW Authorization Adjustment Automation CC  
10-37 (PDF, 474KB) 05-07-10 Employer Verification of Health Insurance (EVHI) BC+, BC+ Core  
10-36  (PDF, 97KB) 05-26-10 Local IM Agency and Enrollment Services Center  (ESC) Coordination FS, MA, BC+, FSET Added to PH 10-04
10-35 (PDF, 69KB) 04-29-10 Family Planning Waiver Eligibility Expanded to Include Males BC+ Added to BC+HB 10-02
10-34 To be published at a future date. -  
10-33 (PDF, 94KB) 04-12-10 Implementing Policy and Automation for SSI Transition Plans and Updating Policy and Automation for W-2 Supportive Service Plans W-2 -
10-32 (PDF, 944KB) 04-12-10 Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy – Changes in Attendance Reporting Process, Forms and the CCPI System CC Added to CCPI  04/12/10, Amended 06-24-10
10-31 (PDF, 76KB) 04-06-10 PACE/Partnership Cost Share Changes MA  
10-30 (PDF, 83KB) 03-31-10

Wisconsin Works (W-2) Policy Updates on Cooperation With Child Support and Child Support Assignment and Distribution

10-29 (PDF, 66KB) 03-30-10 W-2 Screening and Assessment W-2 Attachment amended 7/9/10. Amendment is highlighted in yellow.
10-28 (PDF, 66KB) 03-30-10 Disregarding Making Work Pay Tax Credit CC, W-2, JAL, EA  
10-27 (PDF, KB) To be published at a future date. -  
10-26 (PDF, 76KB) 04-07-10 Caretaker Supplement Certification Periods CTS Added to CTS HB 10-01
10-25 (PDF, 88KB) 03-30-10 Preprinted Mail-In Renewal Forms and Process  MA, BC+, CTS Added to BC+HB 10-02, MEH 10-03
10-24 (PDF, 87KB) 03-23-10 Earned Income, Homestead, and Other Tax Related Income CC, CF, RAP, W-2, WIA, EA  
10-23 (PDF, 68KB) 06-04-10 BagerCare Plus Core Plan Re-Enrollment Policy BC+ Core Added to BC+HB 10-02
10-22 (PDF, 85KB) 03-17-10 Wisconsin Works (W-2) Work Program Auto Disenrollment W-2  
10-21 (PDF, 77KB) 03-22-10 Disregarding Income from Temporary Census Employment for FoodShare FS Added to FSH 10-01
10-20 (PDF, 88 KB) 05-05-10 Income Maintenance Self Employment Policy Clarification MA, BC+, FS Added to FSH 10-02, MEH 10-01; Added to BC+HB 10-02
10-19 (PDF, 73KB) 03-22-10 Disregard of Child Support Income for Caretaker Supplement Program CTS Added to CTS HB 10-01
10-18 (PDF, 59KB) 03-30-10 ACCESS Interview Timelines for Child Care Applications CC, W-2  
10-17 (PDF, 79KB) 03-22-10 BadgerCare Plus Certification for Court Ordered Kinship Care Children MA, BC+  
10-16 (PDF, KB) To be published at a future date. -  
10-15 (PDF, 85KB) 03-09-10 Extended Public Benefit Eligibility for Iraqis & Afghans with Special Immigrant Status FS, SC, MA, BC+, BC+ Core Amended 08/16/10

Added to BC+HB 10-02, 10-04

10-14 (PDF, 567KB) 03-01-10 Transitional Childless Adults (TCLA) Renewal Process BC+ Core Amended 3/04/10
10-13 (PDF 368KB) 03-02-10  BadgerCare Plus Core Plan Waitlist Administration   BC+ Core  
10-12 (PDF, 74KB) 01-26-10 Wisconsin Works (W-2)/Child Care (CC) Eligibility Review Due Letter (CMRV) CC, W-2  
10-11 (PDF, 71KB) 01-22-10 Child Care in ACCESS and Approved Activity Code Change CC  
10-10 (PDF, 241KB) 01-25-10 Expansion of Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Eligibility for Non-Citizen Children and Pregnant Women MA, BC+ Added to MEH 10-01, BC+ HB 10-04
10-09 (PDF, 120KB) 01-19-10 CARES Enhancement - Client Scheduling MA, BC+, FS, CTS  
10-08 (PDF, 382KB) 01-19-10 CARES Enhancement - Case Management Search Criteria Page MA, BC+, FS, CTS Amended 10-25-09, added to PH 10-02
10-07 (PDF, 272KB) 01-11-10 Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 MA Added to MEH 10-01
10-06 (PDF, 69KB) 01-08-10

Ending Medicaid Payment of Medicare Costs for Certain Individuals 

MA Amended 03-19-10
10-05 (PDF, 506KB) 01-13-10 Online Renewals and Six Month Reports in ACCESS FS, MA, BC+ Added to ACCESS HB 10-01
10-04 (PDF, 80KB) 01-13-10 45 Day Review Letter
  • Attachment 1 — BadgerCare Plus Core Plan Renewal Letter for the Enrollment Services Center

  • Attachment 2 — FoodShare and Medicaid Renewal Letter for the Enrollment Services Center

  • Attachment 3 — BadgerCare Plus Renewal Letter for the Local Agency

  • Attachment 4 — Caretaker Supplement Renewal Letter for the Local Agency

  • Attachment 5 — FoodShare and BadgerCare Plus Renewal Letter for the Local Agency (agency schedules appointments and the member’s phone number is available)

  • Attachment 6 — FoodShare and Medicaid Renewal Letter for the Local Agency (agency      schedules appointments and does not have the member’s phone number)

  • Attachment 7 — FoodShare and Medicaid Renewal Letter (member must call to make an appointment)

  • Attachment 8 — FoodShare and BadgerCare Plus Renewal Letter for the Local Agency (agency schedules appointments and the member’s phone number is available)

  • Attachment 9 — FoodShare and Family Planning Waiver for the Enrollment Services Center

FS, MA, BC+, CTS  
10-03 (PDF, 66KB) 01-08-10

Changes in Child Care Provider Certification (CCPC) System

10-02 (PDF, 93KB) 01-11-10 Electronic Case File (ECF) Workflow Phase 1 FS, MA, BC+, SC, CTS, FSET, BC+ Core, CC, W-2 Added to PH 10-01 and ECF HB 10-01
10-01 (PDF, 81KB)  01-06-10

Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Collaboration



* An Operations Memo is "obsolete" when it has been added to the handbook for that program.   If there is no entry, the memo is current.  If "Obsolete" appears in the column, the memo isn’t found in another document. If another reference is given, the issues discussed in the memo can be found in the referenced document(s).


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