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EMS Administrative Fees

All external hyperlinks are provided for your information and for the benefit of the general public.  The Department of Health Services does not testify to, sponsor, or endorse the accuracy of the information provided on externally linked pages.

The fees identified in Administrative Rule 110.16 are listed below. A description of each fee is provided, along with a link to the specific Administrative Rule citation.

Fees associated with specific license applications

  • If a license expires, it may be renewed within six months from the expiration date.  A late renewal fee of $50 will be charged for this application.
  • If a license has been expired for more than six months but less than 24 months, it may be reinstated.  A reinstatement fee of $75 will be charged for this application.
  • If an individual is applying for a license based on out-of-state training or licensure, a reciprocity fee of $50 is included in the application.

Additional miscellaneous fees

  • If a renewal notice is returned to our office due to an incorrect address, a returned renewal fee of $30 will be assessed prior to the license being issued.
  • If an agency or individual requests a Service or Provider license be verified, a verification of Wisconsin certification or license fee of $25 will be required prior to completion. Verification is also provided through our Public Lookup site at no cost.
  • If an applicant or licensee is unable or chooses not to use the available electronic processing method, the individual shall submit a manual processing fee of $35.


Payment of all fees shall be by cashier's check, money order, or charged to a VISA or MasterCard. If the payment of a fee is by credit card, an additional $1.00 handling charge is incurred to process the fee. The department will not accept cash payment or personal checks. Fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. All fees submitted via cashier's check or money order should be payable to the "Department of Health Services" and submitted to:

Wisconsin EMS Section Licensing
1 W. Wilson St, Room 1150
PO Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659



Last Revised: November 20, 2014